A Monthly Home Maintenance Checklist

By: Levi Santiago
home maintenance

Home maintenance is crucial to living a decent quality of life. To keep your house and lot for sale comfortable to live in and pleasant to view for you, your family, and in the event that you have guests visiting, it is important that you have a home maintenance checklist that you abide by to keep your home organized, presentable, and a place you would be proud of calling your home.

Clean your rooms

A basic part of your home maintenance tasks is to clean your home rooms. This is a general step that simply involves decluttering items in your house, sweeping the floor, wiping windows and tables, cleaning walls. There are cases wherein a cluttered house may seem overwhelming to the extent where you do not know where to start with your home maintenance. Hence, you can start with tidying up your room to start with your home maintenance checklist. Making a habit out of keeping your spaces tidy can make sure that you develop a preference for our home maintenance.

Check your greenery

Plants are living things, and they need to be cared for in your home maintenance checklist. If you have potted living plants in your window sill or living room that are placed their for aesthetic, ensure that they are watered regularly and exposed to adequate sunlight in your home maintenance checklist to keep them enhancing the visual of the house instead of degrading it by ending up wilting.

Taking care of the outdoor garden or landscape is also important. Tasks such as taking out weeds in the grass and raking fallen leaves in your home maintenance checklist are small actions that can compound towards beautifying your home’s landscape into one that is neat, organized, and visually appealing. Moreover, it makes your house a lot more welcoming to look at when you take proper care the house landscape.

In addition, not taking care of your property may attract pests and insects which can lead them into your house if you are not careful; therefore, proper landscape care is good to prevent pests from becoming a problem. Trim your plants and bushes in your outdoor landscape as well so that they contribute to the overall aesthetic of your house exterior.

Clean your HVAC systems

HVAC is an abbreviation for Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning. This means that your HVAC system has everything and anything to do with the air ventilation systems in your home. The HVAC system are installed to keep your home comfortable. Therefore, it should be a non-negligible in your home maintenance checklist to clean and have your HVAC system inspected by a professional.

For example, your refrigerator should be inspected every year by a professional so that it does not run into any major issues. The refrigerator is an integral part of your home because that it is where you store your food in the first place. If your refrigerator breaks down and is not fixed for a long enough period, then all the food stored in the refrigerator run the risk of becoming spoiled; and this not only poses a health hazard, it also poses the issue of being costly to your finances.

Another example is your air conditioning system. Having your air conditioner inspected yearly by a professional will be convenient for you because it will ensure that clean cool air will be entering your rooms whenever the air conditioner is turned on. Failing to clean your air conditioner means that all the dust collected in your air conditioner will be spread throughout your rooms, which poses a potential health hazard to your respiratory health.

Make sure your plumbing system is maintained

To prevent major issues in your bathroom and kitchen, the maintenance checklist must include plumbing maintenance to make sure that that the flow of clean water is ensured at all times in the house. Problems such as low water pressure, pipe leaks, high water hardness, and subpar water filtration are important to ensure because we use the water fixtures in your house and lot for sale daily.

Issues with water quality can prove to be a health hazard as well if you are careless with your plumbing maintenance. Having a plumbing maintenance yearly is important, especially when it comes to finding issues before they escalate into major problems. If ever you allow your plumbing system to sustain major issues, then that will be a big inconvenience to your quality of living because through your plumbing system are you able to shower, wash your hands, use the toilet, cook, clean, do the laundry, and the like.

Make sure you have fire safety

One aspect to the safety of your home maintenance is the equipment and technology that has been installed to save you in times of disasters. For example, fires are a potential problem in houses, specifically in kitchens because of the use gas and fire in those areas. Although, if you use your kitchen appliances properly, there is typically no big risk of fires starting in your homes.

It is important, however, to make your house prepared for events such as fires in your home maintenance checklist. There should be fire extinguishers located in strategic areas of your house, such in your kitchen; and your fire extinguishers should be replaced every decade to ensure their quality. Moreover, the water sprinkler system in your house should be inspected by a professional yearly so that in case of a fire detection, your water sprinklers will function just as they are intended to work. Lastly, your smoke detectors should be inspected every month up to every 6 months.


Home maintenance is a non-negotiable activity that every homeowner must do. A house will deteriorate if left on its own. Thus, if you want to live in a house that is consistently comfortable, clean, and visually pleasing, then having a house maintenance checklist to follow is key to comfortable living in your house and lot for sale.

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