A Battleplan for Organizing a Chaotic Bedroom

By: Levi Santiago
A Battleplan for Organizing a Chaotic Bedroom

When it comes to organizing your bedroom in your house and lot, people make one common mistake: they think of the bedroom as a whole piece. A person who thinks of their bedroom like this when they’re cleaning it – especially when it’s messy – will get easily overwhelmed on what to do and where to start because several things are all over the place. Hence, it is important to remember that there are different parts that comprise a bedroom. You have your bed, the area under the bed, your closet, your shelves, your nightstands, and your storage compartments. Divide the work of organizing your bedroom into sections, and from there you can start strategizing how each section of your room can be organized. Let’s tackle them one by one.

It’s time to fix this mess. Here are some ways to keep your room tidy and what you can do to organize your bedroom:

1. General cleaning

General cleaning

Before you start focusing on the individual sections of your bedroom, we first have to tidy up the general area of your bedroom so that you have an overall cleaner general space to work with. This is will also help you focus more once you start organizing the individual sections of your bedroom because your room will look less crowded, which will also give you some initial motivation to continue cleaning. With that said, start by taking out whatever trash is in your room. Used tissues, scattered pieces of used paper, littered plastic wrappers, and the like should be swept and picked up from your bedroom. Whichever of those things are considered as trash should be thrown away. If you have a small trashcan, make use of that and throw away the trash that you have in your bedroom. Make sure to take out the dirty clothes and put them in a laundry basket. Finally, fold your blankets and make your bed. All this will serve as the foundation of the battle plan.

2. Remove unwanted items

Once you’ve done the initial sweep on the bedroom in your home, you can now start to assess which items in your bedroom need to be taken out for good. Things such as furniture and supplies you don’t use anymore should be considered for either being donated or thrown in the trash. Once you’ve decided which items should be taken away, place them in a bin or container to store and isolate these items in one place to be taken out of your bedroom all at once. If ever there are items that you are hesitant to get rid of, place them in a separate container for the meantime so that you can decide what to do with them later. With all of these out of the way, you can now probably make space for your new vinyl record player in your room.

3. Putting items in storage


Once unwanted items have been taken care of in your bedroom, you will now move on towards evaluating which items should be kept in storage. Put important documents in respective folders or portfolios. Place old items and memorabilia that you think should be kept in storage. Keep supplies left out in the open in their respective containers. Place books back on their bookshelf. Keep pieces of jewelry in their respective boxes. Items that do not have a designated space to be kept should be set aside in a particular space in the bedroom of your house and lot for the meantime.

4. Organize your desks and nightstand

It is from this point that you will start to organize the individual sections of your bedroom. Desks and nightstands usually have stuff piling up on them over time. Clear out the top of this furniture, throw out whatever trash was left on them, and store items that need to be stored in the compartments of the desks and nightstand. Organize what items you want to place on top of your desks and nightstand based on the function of the item. For example, you can place your clock on your nightstand so that you can easily check what the time is when you need to. Another example is that you can place your laptop on your desk so that it’s easily accessible when you need it.

5. Organize your closet


The closet is one of the sections of a bedroom that usually takes up a good portion of the organizational work. It’s because of this that although a closet doesn’t seem like an overly big part of the bedroom in your house and lot, a chaotic closet will disrupt the cleanliness of your room and give you more tension and less calmness. Moreover, a messy closet will make you take a longer time to get ready, especially in the morning. Despite this, an organized closet has many benefits. Given this, there are two ways of organizing your closet: a full cleaning or a decluttering sweep.

5a. Full cleaning

Full cleaning of your closet involves first preparing the needed cleaning supplies and baskets for storing. Start with emptying the whole closet and placing the clothes either on top of your bed or on respective baskets for the meantime. Afterward, start cleaning the closet by throwing out whatever litter is in it, and wiping down the dust inside the closet. Next, start assessing which clothing from your wardrobe you will donate, recycle, or sell; the kind of items you should be assessing are accessories and old clothes that you don’t use as much anymore. The next step is to evaluate closet storage solutions that will figure out in which compartments and spaces of your closet will each of your clothes and accessories be kept. Make sure that the different kinds of clothes (i.e., shirts, shorts, pants, jackets, etc.) are grouped together respectively. Moreover, make sure to place your most used clothing in a specific space in your closet that is easily accessible to you.

5b. Decluttering sweep

A decluttering sweep on your closet is more focused on just quick organizing of the items in your closet, yet leaving a tidy closet in the end. The first thing you should do is assess which items in your closet should be kept and which should be taken out for good. Base your decision on whether you like the item of clothing, if you still wear it, if it feels comfortable on you, if it still fits you nicely, and if it fits the image you want to project. Once you’ve made your decision, the clothes that you think should be taken out should be put in a box or container purposed for donating and another for repairs. Lastly, make it a point to maximize the storage space in your closet. For example, you install hooks on the back of your closet door for jewelry and scarves. You can also consider adding drawers or shoe storage to your closet.

6. Thorough cleaning


Once you’ve organized the different sections of your bedroom after performing general cleaning and decluttering, the next step is to do some thorough cleaning that will leave the bedroom in your house and lot looking just about brand new. You can use a vacuum to suck out dirt and dust from carpets, rugs, shelves, light fixtures, and the like. Moreover, wipe down the surfaces of your furniture to maintain them properly. Once you finish this step, congratulations! You’ve completed the battle plan for cleaning your messy bedroom. Go try taking a nap on your bed – it’ll feel like heaven!

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