Why You Should Consider the Condo Floor Level Before Buying a Unit

By: Hadj Cabonegro

It is the dream of many up-and-coming urban Filipinos to own a unit within a luxurious condo, either for the purpose of personal use or as an investment for the future. One important factor to consider, however, whether one is planning to invest in a condo in Tagaytay or Manila, is to think about which floor exactly one wants their property to be in.

As covered in an article done by The Davies, there are a number of advantages and disadvantages inherent to each floor level, and depending on the preferences of the buyer, some floors may or may not be compatible with them. A good tip for every prospective condo investor is to first scout potential units in person, so as to get a first-hand feel of the building and its quirks. Through doing this, buyers would be able to imagine themselves living on the floor level they may be interested in, letting them finalize their decision before making a purchase.

For those who want a more in-depth look at why considering the condo floor level is important before buying a unit, read further down this article for additional information.

You Are More Likely to be Safer if You Live on the Ground Floor Rather Than on a Higher Floor

In terms of priorities, personal safety is one of the advantages of living in the topmost floor-level condo when it comes to looking for a place to live, especially for condominiums. For this reason, buyers who value their own or their family’s security should take the time to ponder which floor they would like to live on.

When it comes to being the safest floor level, nothing beats the ground floor, since it provides quick and easy access to exit points outside the building. Residents of higher floors are more at risk if any disasters were to occur within or near the condominium, such as an earthquake or a fire, since they would have to slowly descend the structure while having to put themselves in harm’s way. A better compromise would of course be to own a unit within the lower floors, as unit owners in that zone are more likely to get out onto the street unharmed.

While there are some advantages of living at the topmost floor level, smart condo unit owners must always remember to focus on their well-being over their wants.

Both Higher and Lower Floor Levels Have Their Own Distinct Conveniences for Quality of Life

While it is definitely the safest option to either live on the first floor or the ground floor, there are some perks when it comes to living on the floors above that can’t be dismissed. There is a reason why units near the top floor are some of the most prized pieces of real estate out there.

Residing near the street presents the issue of being exposed to noise and pollution on a daily basis, particularly if the condominium is situated within a busy part of the city. The view can also be oftentimes underwhelming, a point of consideration that some individuals tend to regard highly. The boon of living on the higher floors, in exchange for being more tedious to access and exit from, is that noise becomes less of an issue there and oftentimes one can get a magnificent view of the skyline every day.

In the end, it is a matter of preference when it comes to choosing a condominium unit based on these variables, and it would be up to them to balance out which floor would be the best for them.

Unit Price Changes According to the Floor Level They’re Based on

Another important fact to note about condominium units is that their value changes depending on the floor they’re located on. Ground floor units tend to be within the acceptable price range for most middle-class Filipinos, but the higher floors are more expensive, especially those on the top floor.

Since the higher floors have various benefits that can’t be found in their lower floor counterparts, it is understandable why they’d be worth more in the property market. As mentioned earlier, exposure to noise and the lack of a great view (most of the time) can be significant contributors to the relatively more inexpensive value of lower floor units, which can be an attractive selling point to some people willing to put up with the said inconveniences almost every day. From an investment standpoint, it may be preferable to purchase condominium properties from the higher floors, particularly the top floor if possible, as these tend to be the most appealing units for the more affluent buyers.

At the end of the day, the biggest decision-maker for tackling this factor is one’s budget, and if one can afford it, then aiming for the very best units is almost always a good choice.

In conclusion, it is clearly a wise decision to always first take into account which floor in the condo one should buy their unit from. There are a variety of pros and cons associated with either living on the lower or upper floors, both in terms of quality of life and price, and it is essential to consider these to make a financial decision that one could be satisfied with in the end.

While pondering on the importance of floor levels is all well and good, one must of course have a condominium in mind to invest in for them to apply their newfound knowledge. For those who are interested in buying a unit for themselves in a premium condo in Tagaytay, there is always Crown Asia’s Pine Suites as an option.

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