What Is Curb Appeal?

By: Levi Santiago

If you are a house or property owner, then you must have heard the term “curb appeal” before, and that better homes, appearance-wise, focus on the home’s style to make for a nice house exterior. Find out why improving your house’s curb appeal will have your real estate agent present a more attractive house to buyers.

What Does Curb Appeal Mean?

When it comes to buying and selling property on the real estate market, the appearance of a home is always the first thing that potential buyers see and are attracted to. Given this, curb appeal refers to the “general attractiveness” that a property has when the design of the exterior and features of the property are taken into account.

The curb appeal serves as the first impression that potential buyers get just by looking at the house you are selling, like a Cavite house and lot; and in the case that your house’s curb appeal will attract prospective buyers, the buyers will be motivated to check out your property further while considering buying it.

Why Does a Home’s Curb Appeal Matter?

The impact of a house’s curb appeal is simple yet effective. It can take one look from a potential buyer at the house you are selling to have them interested in inquiring or communicating with you or your respective agent about purchasing the house you are selling. It should be noted that catching a potential buyer’s interest in a property’s curb appeal is primarily more on the buyers being attracted to the home’s exterior since this is the first thing that the buyers see.

You may think of curb appeal as a sales pitch in the sense that the curb appeal of the house you are selling is purposed to persuade buyers into looking beyond the front door of the property. A good curb appeal is like a good sales pitch, in which buyers get a good impression of the overall quality and maintenance of the house being sold. Thus, if your Cavite house and lot have good curb appeal, buyers are more inclined to consider purchasing it.

Why poor curb appeal is undesirable

If good curb appeal can make a significant impact on buyers, then so can poor curb appeal. A house will bad curb appeal can get the house you are selling completely ignored by buyers. Some buyers may not even notice the house you are selling at all because of bad curb appeal. Furthermore, the curb appeal of a house mirrors the maintenance of the house itself. If the exterior of your house or Cavite house and lot is poorly maintained, then buyers can assume that the conditions of the house’s interior are even worse.

More importantly, the house you are selling is always not the only option available for selling in your location. There will be other properties being sold that will be more attractive and better maintained if you allow your property’s curb appeal to be disregarded. Buyers will not have a single thought of even checking behind the front door of your property or Cavite house and lot if they find that the curb appeal of the house you are selling is unimpressive.

Great curb appeal gives your house better advertising

It is important to realize that the value of the property you are selling is greatly affected by its curb appeal. Hence, it is vital to improve curb appeal if you want to have the maximal property value of the house you are selling. This is especially significant when your house is for sale on a listing, placed among other houses for sale in the same location. Real estate agents are able to better advertise and present the property you are selling if the house has good curb appeal.

Furthermore, real estate agents are aware of what buyers are attracted to. Therefore, it is good to apply suggestions given by real estate agents that you are coordinating with when it comes to improving your Cavite house and lot or home’s curb appeal. Aside from real estate agents, there are also experts who specialize in adding curb appeal to properties that you can contact and will have you coordinate with other professionals whose services you can outsource.

How You Can Improve Your House’s Curb Appeal

There are many approaches you can take in regards to spending time to add curb appeal to your Cavite house and lot or home’s exterior and features. Depending on the extent of the home improvements applied, your property may become more attractive to buyers compared to other houses that are about just the same size and location.

Color aesthetic

good color scheme on a house exterior is pleasing to the eyes of the buyers. Make sure that the color palette that you apply on your property blends well with the materials that the house is made out of. Neutral colors are versatile, and you can combine them with other colors that will have your house a nice color palette.

Maintain your windows

Windows are purposed for allowing the view outside the house to be available from the inside. Hence, making your windows have a charming look to it can entice buyers to the idea of seeing the view outside from the interior of the house itself. Having window boxes with flowers and leaves can be a nice touch to put on your windows.

Have good lighting fixtures

Lighting fixtures on the exterior of the house shine best when they serve their purpose in the nighttime. Consider having some appealing modern light fixtures that will brighten up the exterior of your house, such as in areas like the driveway or front porch, to give the property a nice look at night.

Enhance the landscaping

Having good landscaping can make your house vibrant, and green, and give off a relaxing atmosphere to buyers. Simple improvements, like having healthy flowers and herbs in garden beds or maintaining the grass by pulling out weeds, can increase the curb appeal of your Cavite house and lot nicely. Consider reseeding the lawn and getting rid of burnt patches in the lawn to have your house look newer than it used to.

Improve the roof

The roof of the house comprises a large portion of the house’s exterior, so a well-maintained and nicely designed roof can attract buyers to your property. Consider replacing the roof if it is damaged, as well as applying a fresh coat of paint on the roof to let it have a nice presentation.

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