What Does the September Equinox Mean?

By: Marie Claire Lagrisola

Have you ever contemplated how individuals deeply immersed in astrology, Zodiac signs, and similar practices manage to be remarkably precise? It’s both fascinating and somewhat awe-inspiring. You may recall being greatly impressed (and perhaps a tad apprehensive) by your “enlightened” children who have recently embraced the trend of spiritual awareness, adorning your entire RFO house and lot with an array of crystals. What astounded you the most was their uncanny ability to deduce your inner workings – from work-related concerns to the dynamics of your relationship with your spouse.

In light of these intriguing experiences, it’s only natural to find yourself curious about what the celestial bodies might reveal regarding your future, particularly when it comes to significant decisions. For instance, you might contemplate seeking guidance from the stars before making that substantial investment in the coveted RFO house and lot you’ve had your eye on.

Now, for the month of September, and its famous September equinox, what does it mean and what do you have to do to get the most out of it?

What You Need to Know About the Autumnal Equinox

The concept of equinoxes involves two significant moments during the Earth’s journey around the Sun when a remarkable celestial alignment occurs. During these instances, the Sun finds itself precisely positioned above the Equator, resulting in a perfect equilibrium between day and night in terms of duration. Indeed, starting soon enough, we will be able to have equal hours of daytime and nighttime! Additionally, equinoxes represent the specific points in the celestial sphere where the ecliptic, which is essentially the Sun’s annual pathway across the sky, intersects with the celestial equator. In other words, we are indeed about to close the year!

In the Northern Hemisphere, the autumnal equinox takes place approximately around the dates of September 22 or 23 each year. This event marks the moment when the Sun, in its apparent movement across the sky, crosses the celestial equator on its southward trajectory. Conversely, in the Southern Hemisphere, the equinox occurs on March 20 or 21, corresponding to the time when the Sun journeys northward across the celestial equator.

In the realm of astronomical definitions pertaining to the changing seasons, the autumnal equinox serves as a pivotal juncture, signifying the commencement of the autumn season. This season, characterized by falling temperatures and leaves, extends until the winter solstice, which usually falls around December 21 or 22 in the Northern Hemisphere and around June 20 or 21 in the Southern Hemisphere. Thus, the autumnal equinox is not merely a celestial phenomenon but also a crucial marker in the cyclical progression of the Earth’s seasonal variations, heralding the arrival of a new season defined by its unique atmospheric and climatic characteristics.

Why Do You Have to Pay Attention in the Northern Hemisphere?

Paying attention to the September equinox in the Northern Hemisphere is essential because it marks a significant celestial event with practical implications. Let us explore this.

During this equinox, usually occurring around September 22 or 23, the Sun crosses the celestial equator, leading to nearly equal durations of daylight and nighttime. This event signifies the official start of autumn and heralds the transition to cooler weather. People need to be aware of it to adapt their lifestyles, clothing, and activities accordingly, preparing for the changing season, including potential weather changes, and ensuring they make the most of the daylight hours as they become shorter, all while staying connected to natural rhythms. Indeed, by being informed of the happenings of the astrological world, you may be able to live your lives better since you are prepared.

What Should You Do During September Equinox?

As the seasons transition, it’s the perfect opportunity to engage in mindful home rituals that not only adapt your living space but also create a harmonious connection with the changing energies of nature. Let’s explore some thoughtful practices to enrich your autumnal experience all the way up til the rest of the Ber months!

1. Revamp Your Closet and Energize Your Space

It is time to upgrade your wardrobe. The seasonal shift is a powerful reminder to de-clutter your closet in order for you and your family to easily get season-appropriate clothes. Bid farewell to your off-season summer clothing and usher in the cozy, autumnal attire. Go for deep reds, oranges, and browns! Stock up on warm clothing like hoodies, jackets, and cardigans because September and beyond will be the coldest months of the year! Beyond mere wardrobe maintenance, this act symbolizes a deeper intention. When you declutter your closet, you’re making room not only for new garments but also for amazing opportunities and fresh energies to flow into your life. By freeing up physical space, you send a clear message to the universe that you’re open and receptive to new experiences.

2. Transform Your Sleeping Haven with Organic Bedding

As the crispness of autumn fills the air, it’s time to cocoon yourself in warmth and comfort. Consider adjusting your bed linens to align with the cooler weather. Invest in a warmer and fluffier blanket! you deserve it. Embrace soft, snuggly blankets and heavier duvets that provide a sense of security and coziness. Furthermore, if you can, indulge in the luxury of organic bedding. Conventional fabrics often contain chemicals that emit Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) and can be absorbed through your skin, potentially impacting your health. By choosing organic bedding, you prioritize your well-being while elevating the quality of your rest.

3. Infuse Your Space with Earthy Tones

The aesthetics of your living space profoundly influence your mood and perception of the season. Embrace the autumnal spirit by considering the colors of your bedding. Rich, earthy tones such as burgundy, brown, and taupe evoke the warmth and rustic charm associated with this time of year. By incorporating these hues into your bedroom decor, you create a soothing atmosphere that resonates with the natural world outside, promoting a sense of inner harmony.

4. A Seasonal Transition for Your Refrigerator

Just as your wardrobe and bedding evolve with the seasons, so should your approach to food. As autumn arrives, it’s time to shift from raw, cold foods to warmer, cooked meals. This dietary transition also offers an opportunity for a deep cleaning and decluttering session in your refrigerator. Take a moment to purge expired or spoiled items. In doing so, you’re not just tidying up your kitchen but also symbolically affirming your commitment to overall health and well-being.

Consider composting organic materials and responsibly disposing of glass and plastic containers. When cleaning your refrigerator’s interior, opt for natural, non-toxic cleaners like baking soda for scrubbing and a mixture of vinegar, water, and eucalyptus essential oil for disinfection. Furthermore, placing a clear natural crystal quartz inside your refrigerator can be a meaningful practice. Program the crystal with the intention of enhancing the life energy and nourishment of the food it houses, infusing your kitchen with positive, healing vibrations.

Additionally, it is time to stock up on soup ingredients and plan your meals ahead! Add in champorado, sinigang, and pumpkin spice latte ingredients into the wonderful mix of your refrigerator at your RFO house and lot.

By embracing these seasonal home rituals, you not only adapt to the changing climate but also cultivate a deeper connection with your living space and the natural world. These practices invite positive energy and mindful intention into your life, enhancing your overall well-being as you transition into the enchanting embrace of autumn.

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