Should You Talk to a Realtor or a Lender First?

By: Arvie Midel

When someone is planning to visit and look for houses for sale, there are many individuals who can assist them. A real estate agent to assist in choosing the ideal property and a lender to assist in financing the purchase are two of the most essential partners a homebuyer can have. But should a person go for a Realtor or a lender first?

It is up to the buyers to determine whether they should start their home-buying journey with a Realtor or a lender. Most lenders will tell customers that finding a lender first is a smart plan, whereas most agents will tell people that finding an agent first is an excellent move. When it comes to buying a property, there is some controversy about whether one should speak with a lender or a real estate agent first. Purchasing a home is one of the most important decisions a person will ever make. Everyone, like many first-time homeowners, is likely to have a long list of questions, ranging from selecting the best time to estimating how much house they require, and when is the best time to apply for a mortgage. With so many options, it’s no surprise that most individuals don’t know where to begin when purchasing a home.

With that, this article will serve as a guide on what should a person should talk to first. A realtor or a lender?

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Realtor First


Get good recommendations

Typically, agents are familiar with and connected to local lenders. They frequently point customers in the direction of mortgage lenders who are simple to deal with or provide favorable rates and terms. The majority of agents have a large number of lenders in their referral database as well as a number of lenders they have previously personally worked with. Since there are various houses for sale in today’s time, agents may be relied upon to recommend a reputable mortgage lender who can close loans. Additionally, the representative can aid in matching the loan needed with a lender who specializes in that specific category of finance.

People can start as soon as possible

If consumers initially hire a real estate agent, they may begin teaching homebuyers about the local market and assist them in obtaining a sense of what kinds of listings are available while they seek a loan. There are houses for sale that will truly make it hard to decide on what to choose. Hence, the agent will listen to the suggestions and assist in determining the best line of action. Most importantly, the agent will be with customers throughout the entire home-buying process, assisting them in making the proper decisions and avoiding potential traps.


Expensive Listings

If people have not yet set the budget, the agent may unintentionally show homes that are out of the budget’s reach. It’s not fun to fall in love with a place that a person cannot afford.

Wasted Time and Inefficiency

House seeking before the people know their true budget might waste not just people’s time, but also the time spent by the agent. House-seeking is fun and enjoyable. Hence, it is quite frustrating to be stressed when all the efforts will be put to waste. This is why, it is also important to look for a lender first also.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Lender First


Budget ready

A mortgage pre-approval allows customers to give the mortgage broker a reasonable pricing range to work with. This narrows down the options and prevents people from wasting time on listings that are out of the range of finances. It may come as no surprise, but first-time homeowners are best served by starting the process with their lender. Why? Knowing how much one can afford and how much one will ultimately spend above the price of the house itself is one of the most crucial ideas to grasp. When looking for the best mortgage lender, consider factors other than rates. Different lenders charge different rates and provide different services, and some may be significantly more expensive than others.

Fast moving

When people are ready to go house hunting with a pre-approval letter in hand, they can make a serious offer on a home they like right away. In a competitive market, speed can make or break the capacity to outperform the competitors.


No expert help

Realtors are market specialists in their respective fields. Looking for a local lender without one means doing individual comparison shopping without the assistance of a professional.

How Do I Approach a Mortgage Lender and Get the Best Mortgage?

If you think about obtaining pre-approval from a variety of lenders people may compare the offers and decide which is the most affordable and provides the greatest deal. However, while these applications do affect your credit score, make sure to submit them all within a short period of time to minimize the impact. But keep in mind that a pre-approval is not the same as a mortgage loan that has been granted and is finalized. You can return to a lender to apply for the precise mortgage required once the agent has guided them through the process of signing a purchase contract for a home (it doesn’t have to be the same lender).

Obtain loan pre-approvals from a number of lenders and ask them important questions regarding the loan procedure, down payment requirements, origination costs, and rates and terms. Pick the lender that provides customers with the greatest rates and service for the requirements to get a great deal.

When Should I Get My Mortgage Offer?

A mortgage offer serves as proof that a client’s mortgage application has been reviewed and authorized. After submitting their mortgage application, applicants are only given a mortgage offer letter. This includes giving the lender any pertinent data regarding the borrower’s finances and the property they wish to purchase.

Finding a place to start is frequently one of the most challenging aspects of the home-buying process for first-time buyers. Many people waste time in the beginning by becoming lost and going in circles as they consider what to do next. While visiting homes may seem like the most important thing to do right away, the wisest course of action at this point is to speak with a professional first.

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