How to Become an International Real Estate Agent

By: Marie Claire Lagrisola
What is an international real estate agent

Being part of property local markets is already a smart move for the property industry in the Philippines has been nothing but thriving. Recovering fast from the pandemic woes, a few realtors and estate agent has been gaining experience and benefits during this past couple of years since a lot of people have been in the mood to buy and invest in real estate Philippines.

However, there is something even better than the job: being part of the growing family of real estate agents. Indeed, here in real estate Philippines, you already have tons of competition when it comes to selling real estate. But, let us let you in a little secret: international real estate agents exist.

What Is an International Real Estate Agent?

What is an international real estate agent

An international real estate agent is a licensed professional who specializes in international brokerage and in guiding people in buying properties, and dream homes in other countries other than theirs, or expanding their businesses across various countries worldwide. They acquire specialized skills through valid certifications that equip them with extensive knowledge in diverse areas of real estate around the globe. Such profound knowledge includes currency and exchange rates, cross-cultural dynamics, and investment evaluation of other countries.

If ever you are worried about being away from your family since you may dive into the world depending on the international real estate industry and no longer be in real estate Philippines, no need to fret since you are given the choice to work in our beloved country or take some trips every once in a while at your target global real estate market. After all, with proper research on the internet and the heavy training you will have to undergo to be a certified international and property appraisal specialist, you will be very well-equipped that you can pretty much work from home.

Ultimately, an international real estate agent act as professional buddies who care and assist people moving to another country by helping them sell their previous home from their original country, and also by helping them find their ideal home in the new lands they will go to. Additionally, a certified international property specialist can also help businesses by helping them expand to other countries by guiding them on where to build offices and the like. In even simpler terms, depending on their specialization and which country or countries they focus on, they can be considered as the home doctor when it comes to seeking professional advice and suggestions regarding both the real estate Philippines local market and international trends and home ideals of the world.

Why International Real Estate Agents Are Important

Why international real estate agents are important

This is actually a very helpful and noble deed. After all, when many of our OFWs or Filipino migrants go abroad, to whom they should go to help them find a comfortable and ideal home in a land they still have yet to get to know? Once they have arrived in a country, they most certainly have to have a roof under their ends by the end of the day. Consulting an agent from an international real estate agency is indeed a must for every person who plans to live abroad.

A proficient international real estate agent plays a pivotal role in facilitating individuals who are interested in relocating to a different country by offering comprehensive guidance throughout the process. Their expertise extends to assisting clients in selling their existing properties, as well as sourcing and evaluating prospective homes that align with their desired criteria in the new location. Additionally, these agents are well-versed in supporting businesses that are venturing into international markets, ensuring seamless transitions and successful expansions.

Furthermore, international real estate agents cater to clients seeking to acquire a second home overseas, offering tailored solutions to meet their unique requirements and preferences. Leveraging their extensive knowledge and experience as real estate professionals, these agents provide professional advice on prevailing real estate trends, market dynamics, and investment opportunities specific to different regions of the world, based on their specialized areas of focus.

In essence, these skilled professionals act as trusted advisors, leveraging their global network, market insights, and negotiation expertise to guide clients through the intricate process of buying or selling properties across borders. Their ultimate goal is to ensure a smooth transition, maximize returns, and assist clients in achieving their real estate or business aspirations in their chosen international destination.

How to Become an International Real Estate Agent

How to become an international real estate agent

Pursue education

To start your journey to internationalizing your real estate agent skills, you must, of course, be qualified first. You need to bear in mind that the standards abroad are even higher and more strict. So, at the very least, you must get the basic real estate educational qualifications. Earning a degree with a specialization in real estate is very much the ideal. With such education, you will have a strong foundation in the field of real estate–from property laws, investment, marketing, and property appraisal you will be able to guide your clients with ease and confidence. By being knowledgeable in your field, you will be attracting international real estate firms in no time.

Obtain certification or licenses

But even before becoming a professional real estate agent, you must get your general real estate license. Think of it as some kind of board exam that takes two to five months to complete. Although here in the Philippines, you can pretty much get your license after getting your passed results from a pen-and-paper exam.

Obtain your CIPS certification

Now, this is what will set you apart from local real estate agents: CIPS certification. This stands for Certified International Property Specialist certification (CIPS) courses, which is the sole certification recognized by the National Association of Realtors. This certificate will act as your license to legally guide and sell international property. Upon obtaining this certification, its validity extends for a duration of three years. Here are the steps to get your CIPS certification:

photo of real estate agent courses v2

Take the five eight-hour courses

Think of this as getting a master’s degree wherein you have to study again. But no fret, it is only 5 courses which last 8 hours each. Two of the courses are mandatory and will teach you things that cover global real estate and international transactional tools.

Certify yourself by passing that application test

This application measures your knowledge and skills when it comes to international real estate. A total of 100 points is necessary to secure the certification so make sure to study hard!

Pay your dues

Literally. One needs to pay in order to take the exam and get the certificate and also membership fees, so make sure you have cash on the side when you go to the testing sites.

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