Fun DIY Christmas Hack to Do with Your Family in Your House and Lot

By: Jericho Christian Lopez

Christmas is fast approaching and people are now on the lookout for decorations to adorn their homes with the spirit of the holiday season. From putting up a Christmas tree to lighting up your home with Christmas lights, there are a variety of options to create a merry home at your Cavite house and lot.

So take this opportunity to spend time with your family by having homemade Christmas making recycled Christmas decorations together. Use those cereal boxes, glass jars, and plastic bottles, to create that festive look with a personal touch for our celebration of the season of love and gift-giving.

Why Your Home Should Have Recycled DIY Christmas Decorations

With the world leaning towards more and more sustainable choices, starting at the grassroots level, at your own home, would be a significant step towards making a mark in the effort for the fight against climate change. By recycling all the things that are already inside your home but have no clear purpose whatsoever, your family can maximize what anyone would usually consider trash, stocked items, or space-consuming things.

Enjoying the craft of recycling materials and DIY with your family would promote a more sustainable way of living, the perfect way to live in this changing world that demands humanity to become greener. This can also be the perfect opportunity to teach your children the value of items and the meaning of the holiday season as you get to spend time with them creating Christmas crafts. Who knows, this may even unleash your child’s hidden creative genius with all the chances given to them to make something out of all the materials surrounding them.

Make use of all of the stocked away and piled things in your home by turning them into candy canes, pom poms, homemade wreaths, and more, all as Christmas decor to create and light up your home. Doing this with your family would make it so the decoration that’s spread throughout your home is filled with memories of creating them, providing a deeper and more meaningful celebration of the holiday.

Creating Christmas crafts with the family, most especially with your kids, would certainly become an unforgettable memory and may even kickstart a family tradition of creating recycled Christmas decorations during this time of year. Christmas decor becomes more than just palamuti, as it now morphs into an active movement towards both sustainability and bonding with the family.

Adorning Your Christmas Tree

Starting with your Christmas trees, having one in the first place would be difficult if you’ve just moved into your Cavite house and lot. So to make the holiday season sail smoothly, creating easy Christmas crafts with recycled items would guarantee your home becomes the perfect place to celebrate the season.

If you have a tree outside your house, placing lights on it would definitely make it serve as a temporary Christmas tree for this year’s celebration. But if you do have a Christmas tree, then using newspaper and old magazines and turning them into chains and ornaments to hang on the branches of the tree would enliven it with color and texture. Your kids could even shred the newspaper to turn it into fake snow at the bottom of the Christmas tree.

And if your family is really into Christmas crafts, making a sock snowman out of old socks and ornaments out of eggshells and leftover paint would make your home glitter with all the hanging decorations your family has made.

Recycled Christmas Decorations and Crafts

To make sure every corner of your home is exuding the Christmas spirit, perhaps turning your white refrigerator in the kitchen into a snowman would make it stand out as a huge Christmas decoration for the family. By using a ribbon, a glue gun, and some paper plates, your family can upgrade the fridge to more than just storage.

Then when wrapping Christmas gifts for the family, using recycled paper as an alternative to wrapping paper may provide the holiday season lesser costs if you’re working on a limited budget. And don’t forget the Christmas cards your family would be giving out; decorating your cards with recycled items would make these gifts more meaningful as the receiver would know that it has your personal touch on them, that you were the one to decorate them yourself.

Additionally, your family can make gift tags out of the same material to truly provide that inspiration towards greener and more sustainable gift-giving.

If you have mason jars, turn them into snow globes by using a glue gun to stick an ornament inside and fill it with water and glitter. Covering it and then shaking it would turn your jars into little decorations and maybe even become a collection to liven up your Cavite house and lot.

The Meaning of Christmas

Christmas decorations serve towards making your home lively, so by doing DIY, by doing it yourself, and of course, with the family, the life of Christmas would shift towards a more enjoyable celebration that involves everyone, leaving no one behind as the Christmas season should be.

In creating Christmas crafts and preparing Christmas gifts, doing it with the family will always be the best choice to truly have fun and get merry this holiday season. Having Christmas crafts become the center of the family’s collective effort to adorn the home with Christmas decor is a great way to bond with your spouse, with your children, and with all other members of your household.

The meaning of Christmas will always center around the meaning of love. And there’s no better way to love than to spend the holiday season with the people you love and hold dearly by also recycling and building a fundamental and actionable type of love towards our only home, planet Earth. Spend Christmas together with the family and enjoy this season of love, bonding, and joy through arts and crafts to liven and light up your home for a homemade Christmas.

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