Everything You Need to Know About Traveling in Italy

By: Crown Asia
Everything You Need to Know About Traveling in Italy

Traveling the world is something that everyone wishes to do at least once in their lives. And despite the fact that every Filipino appreciates and values the beauty of their own country, as well as being pleased with the conveniences of their condo in Laguna, they can’t help but succumb to the desire to go and spend time in various countries around the world — experiencing and understanding their cultures, as well as appreciating the beauty of the numerous landscapes in many tourist destinations.

While the Valenza Mansions, an Italian-inspired condo in Laguna by Crown Asia Properties has captured the interest and attention of many wanderers, it is undeniable that some people are still interested in making their dream of traveling around European countries come true — being able to enjoy the beauty of nature and various architectures, particularly in Italy.

Hence, in this blog, you will discover everything you need to know about traveling in Italy, including how to begin planning a vacation, knowing the right requirements to prepare, and what are the best places to visit in Italy.

How to travel to Italy from the Philippines?

photo of Venice Italy

Determine where you wish to travel, then search for and book a temporary shelter for your visit.

When planning a trip, it’s important to create a plan or itinerary to help you arrange your calendar and know where you’ll be going each day throughout your stay in Italy. Apart from deciding where to go, you’ll also be needing to find a temporary place to stay, a place where you can rest and feel as relaxed like the comforts of your condo in Laguna, as you prepare for the next adventure that awaits you outdoors. Additionally, it is also important to look for a temporary shelter since it is where you can leave all of your other personal belongings, such as your suitcase and other essentials.

When looking for a hotel, think about where you’ll want to look when you wake up in the morning, how accessible it is in terms of transportation, the benefits of being close to some eateries, or even where you’ll want to be near the locations of your favorite tourist attractions. Once you’ve made up your mind, look for the name of their hotel on the internet to find its official website, where you may begin booking your reservation and days of stay.

1. Venice


2. Pisa


3. Rome


4. Milan


5. Positano


6. Dolomites


Make Bookings for Your Preferred Flight Date and Time.

Following the completion of your itinerary and the selection of your vacation’s final date, you can search for an airline and make early reservations, as well as to take advantage of any available promos from your chosen airline. It’s also a good idea to book a flight ahead of time to avoid any future problems and to use it as part of your application for an Italian Schengen Visa.

How to Apply for an Italian Schengen Visa Here in the Philippines


Know the Requirements When Applying for an Italian Schengen Visa

Before preparing the other requirements needed, such as a valid passport, a passport size or 2×2 recent photo of the traveler, and payment for the Visa fee, you must know and complete first the other important documents needed when submitting an application. One of the most important documents to submit when applying for an Italian Schengen Visa is the application form, which contains all of your personal information related to your trip (e.g., passport information, applicant information, residence information, permit, family data, etc.) and must be printed after completion and signed at the end.

Complete All of the Necessary Documents as Part of the Requirements

After you’ve completed and signed the application form, you can start preparing the other documents you’ll need, such as your introduction letter, a photocopy of your passport pages (bio page and in case of emergency page, as well as previous visas and immigration stamps on current and previous passports), identity documents (birth certificate or marriage certificate, if applicable), travel health insurance, and a detailed itinerary.

Because there will be no interview with the consul or visa officer, having an introduction letter is highly recommended because you will not have the opportunity to discuss your travel intentions in detail or clarify any issues that you fear they may be unsure about.

Prepare Your Supporting Evidence

Apart from the aforementioned documents, you must also provide proof of available accommodation (hotel booking under the applicant’s name), proof of employment (for those who are employed) or certificate of enrolment and approved leave of absence (for students), proof of financial means, and proof of travel (flight reservations).

For hotel booking and flight reservations, it is highly recommended to look for properties that enable free cancellation in case your application gets denied and you wait until your visa application has been approved before purchasing plane tickets.

Submit the Requirements to the via Center and Pay for the Visa Fee

After completing all of the requirements, you may now submit your application at VIA PH Center at the application center, since the Italian Embassy has tasked them with collecting the documents and biometrics. You can submit your application and pay for your Visa fee during Monday to Thursday, between 8:00 AM to 2:30 PM, or on a Friday schedule between 8:00 AM to 1:30 PM. Remember to keep your acknowledgement receipt as well as your official receipt.

The PIASI VIA Center’s addresses and business hours in Makati and Cebu are listed below.

VIA Center Makati

  • 3F Allegro Center, Chino Roces Ave, Makati,
  • 2284 Metro Manila, Philippines
  • Phone: +632-845-9200 / +632-845-9215
  • Email: [email protected]

VIA Center Cebu

  • 1004 Keppel Bldg, Cardinal Rosales Avenue Cor Samar Loop,
  • Cebu City, 6000 Cebu, Philippines
  • Phone: +63-32-412-7447
  • Email: [email protected]

You have the option of making an appointment or simply walking in. However, if you want to make an appointment, you can do it over the phone:

  • Appointment Hotline: (02) 845 9200
  • Call hours: Monday to Saturday, 8am-6pm
  • Closed: Sundays and public holidays

NOTE: Making an appointment is entirely optional, you can simply show up at the VIA Center.

Get Your Passport and Visa

When the results are in, you’ll get a call from the VIA Center informing you that your passport has arrived and is ready for pick-up or delivery. The passport release schedule, however, is available from Mondays to Fridays, between 3:00 PM to 5:00 PM only.

Once your visa has been granted, you may begin purchasing and preparing everything you’ll need for your trip, as well as officially purchasing your plane tickets and confirming your hotel stay.

Crown Asia Properties presents you, the Beauty of Italy and the Communities where you can enjoy the Italian atmosphere every day


As much as Crown Asia by Vista Land has developed several premium properties inspired by a variety of world-class themed communities, it is clear that it is committed to making its homeowners feel at ease at home by bringing the beauty of the world into their homes.

One of which is the beauty of Italy, a European country famed for its contributions to art, architecture, literature, and other fields. Apart from the Valenza Mansions, a condo in Laguna, there are a number of other Crown Asia developments that could provide prospective homebuyers with the beauty of Italy, such as the Amalfi, Citta Italia, Ponticelli, Vita Toscana, Vittoria, Amici, Vivace, La Mediterranea, and Amalfi in Cavite; and even the Fortezza and Valenza in Laguna.

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