Decorating Your Home with Sculptures

By: Blanche Lagrisola
Decorating Your Home with Sculptures

Decorating your home with the beautiful aesthetics of sculptures offers a wide variety of benefits and advantages that go beyond decoration. Such art pieces can up the value and the look of residential properties, but they can also make such homes a more enriching, stimulating, and fulfilling environment. What better way for you and your family to immediately get the inspiration and creative boost than having your residential properties be filled with art like sculptures. Indeed, there are many key benefits one can gain by putting up sculptures in your home:

1. It is part of your artistic expression.

Even when you are not necessarily the maker of such art pieces, showcasing them in your residential properties let other people know what kind of person are you. It is like decorating our room: we decorate it to express ourselves and make it ours. Any artwork, including sculptures, provides a platform for artistic expression that can help you convey emotions, personal styles, and stories. You can tell your visitors why you chose this particular sculpture because it reminded you something precious from the past. Your choice of sculptures can serve as a visual extension of your personality and artistic preferences, making your home uniquely yours, and letting people appreciate you more and the cultured side of you.

2. They can serve as focal points or the focus of your rooms.

They can serve as focal points or the focus of your rooms.

Sculptures often serve as natural focal points in a room. They draw the eye and command attention, creating visual interest and enhancing the overall atmosphere. Additionally, well-placed sculptures can guide the flow of movement within a space. Perhaps you could say artwork like sculptures can immediately set the ambiance of a room.

3. Harmonizes your aesthetics.

If ever you feel like your living room still lacks some impact, perhaps it is a sign for you to invest on a piece of sculpture. Sculptures are quite an unique art, and indeed, it can totally upscale the aesthetic value of a room. Like in an outfit, sculptures can serve as the main accessory to make your room dazzling and complete.

4. Brings variety.

Brings variety

Is your room already filled with too many paintings and books but you find an empty space that is in dire need of a decoration? Try placing a sculpture! You definitely want to spice things up and place the same kind of things especially when you can use entirely something new. When we grab opportunities, we must make the most of it! Life is too short to play it safe and be redundant.

5. You can also use it as an outdoor decoration!

Sculptures are also known to be the perfect outdoor decoration? You feel like your garden can use something other than flowers and plants? How about giving them a sculpture human friend to look after them while you are away? You can also place them in patios and balconies, some places in our homes that are hard to decorate since we cannot put bookcases, paintings, and the like in here.

6. Enrich your knowledge on culture.

Enrich your knowledge on culture.

Sculptures from various cultures and traditions can introduce a sense of cultural enrichment to your home. They offer an opportunity of glimpse to other people’s histories, perspectives, and even beliefs. Placing a sculpture by someone other than ourselves can help us be constantly reminded that there are still many more things to be explored and learned, and many people who, may be different, share the same values of goodness and love as us.

7. They are perfect conversation starters!

Ever want to impress your boss, someone you find intimidating to have a meaningful conversation with? How about inviting them or other people you feel like you can get to know better into your homes! If ever you are having difficulty in trying to deal with dead and awkward air, do not fret if ever you have interesting artwork around your residential properties because you can immediately lead your visitors there and talk about it! That can start a long and meaningful conversation about art. Not only because you are giving them additional knowledge that they do not know about, for sure, they are also art-enthusiasts as well! May it be their love for music, paintings, dance, or poetry!

8. It can always move you.

It can always move you.

It is normal for us to be numb sometimes. With so many things going on around the world, sometimes we grow numb in order for us to cope up with struggles. However, having art around a person makes them evoke emotions once again. That is one of the main purposes of art: to move people. Having a sculpture inside your home can inspire awe, joy, reflection, or contemplation. It can add depth and dimension to your emotional experience within your living space.

9. It can also reduce stress!

Art, including sculptures, has been shown to reduce stress and promote relaxation. The act of contemplating a beautiful sculpture can be a meditative experience, helping you unwind and find solace within your home. Additionally, if ever you find yourself lonely in your home, having a sculpture that looks like a human can help you feel like you have company. Treat it as a more grown up stuffed toy, if you will. It can also evoke personal connections. Since you are the one who placed that there in your homes, they can regularly resonate with you personally. In a world that is full of change, a sculpture can bring you a sense of comfort and belongingness since it is indeed yours to own.

10. Sculptures are investments, too!

Sculptures are investments, too!

Art as we know can be expensive, and this is why people tend to collect art, not only because they find beauty in it, but they also see the financial gain by owning it. Some sculptures may appreciate in value over time, making them not only an aesthetic addition to your home but also a potential investment. If ever this is your goal, it is important for you to research and choose pieces that have the potential for value appreciation.

With this, whatever could be the first sculpture that can effectively bring more life into your place?

Well, how about one of our own?

Filipino Art Sculptures for Home

There are lots of talents here in our country that deserve the utmost recognition if not adoration. We, Filipinos, has lots of richness in our culture and art, after all, we are people scattered around 7,000 and have over a hundred of different languages. Surely, even when we are of the same nation, we have so much knowledge to share to one another. Such knowledge of another Filipino’s culture and beliefs can be seen through their art especially with one’s sculpture.

We have lots of sculptures inspired by and even made by our indigenous people such as the Ifugao, T’boli, or Igorot communities. Their artwork usually showcases nature and spirituality, a couple of things we are slowly getting detached from. Additionally, we have heavily filled Philippine mythology. We have our legendary dragon, Bakunawa, who ate 6 of the 7 moons. We have our aswangs, kapre, and manananggal, monsters that are only told about here in the Philippines. We have Labaw Donggon, our Epic hero that showcases that even before the Spanish came, we were already a civilized and beautiful bunch, with rich stories to tell. Such history and lost culture can still be saved and are seen by Philippine art. There are many possible sculptures that show our Philippine mythology and history.

If you are looking for an earthy and cozy ambiance for your room, Philippine sculptures will definitely do the trick since Filipino sculptors use traditional and natural materials such as narra wood, capiz shells, and even bamboo. Lastly, if ever you want to have an unique sculpture and you and your family are a religious bunch, we encourage you to look for religious contemporary sculptures because there are indeed so many! Indeed, the Philippines has a lot to offer, all you have to do is open your eyes to what is already in front of you.

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