Condo Maintenance Tips

By: Levi Santiago

Condo maintenance is significant to ensure that the living spaces in your condo unit are clean and beneficial for your daily living. Practicing condo maintenance makes a huge difference in improving your lifestyle, so condo maintenance is important for all condo owners. Proper maintenance of your condo in Sucat will also ensure that the possibility of increases in your condo fees to be paid to your condo association due to damages is prevented. In accordance with this, this blog will give you some useful items to include in your condo maintenance checklist.

Here Are Some Tips on How You Can Maintain Your Condo Unit

1. Clean your condo unit regularly

One of the primary maintenance responsibilities in your living spaces is to ensure that your living spaces are clean to a certain standard wherein you are not facing any issues with pests such as insects like mosquitoes, cockroaches, and the like. Make sure that you throw out the trash in your condo at the end of every day. Sweep the floors to remove any dirt, dust, or traces of food that may have fallen to the floor.

2. Ensure regular HVAC checkups

Although you do not see them in your rooms because they are installed in your walls or ceiling, your HVAC system is an integral part of your living spaces because it is related to the air quality of your condo. A broken HVAC system will pose problems for your health when the summer season or colder weather comes, so make sure to have your HVAC system regularly checked up through regular inspections to maintain good air quality and resolve any issues that may become larger issues later on.

3. Be wary of your electrical system

An electrical system undergoing problems is not only a major inconvenience to any home or condominium building, but it is also a major fire hazard that must be addressed. Make sure to have electrical issues in your condo in Sucat fixed immediately by a professional electrician if an issue arises; this will also prevent the possibility of costly repairs for bigger electrical issues. Condos comprised of several units typically share the same source of electricity, so if power outages occur, be sure to be updated with whatever electrical issues may be present in your building.

4. Have functional doors

In any house or condo, doors are always used for passage and maintaining privacy between rooms. Make sure to fix broken locks on doors and to have a spare key available for every door lock in your condo. Moreover, a door that creaks loudly can be an inconvenience, so consider using silicone lubricant on the hinges of the door making the loud creaking sound.

5. Take care of your floors

It is unavoidable for certain spots on your floor to be worn out or scratched if those spots are places where are furniture has been placed for many years. However, if you want to maintain the quality of your floor, consider having furniture pads so that the aesthetic quality of your floors is maintained over the years. This is especially useful if your floors are something you would like to maintain at exceptional quality.

6. Maintain your house furniture

Furniture can be worn down over a long period of time. Proper maintenance of these furniture will make sure that they are not only functional after many years, but aesthetically appealing all the same. For wooden furniture, sealants, and lacquer can protect them from rain and moisture; but make sure that your rooms have a functional HVAC system and good ventilation. For metal furniture, on the other hand, a coat of protective solvent can protect metal furniture from rusting.

7. Pay attention to your smoke detectors

Smoke detectors are important to have in every room of your condo in Sucat. The purpose of a smoke detector is to have a system with an early potential fire detection system that could give you an ample amount of time to find and put out the potential source of the fire. A smoke detector can also alert you if a fire is occurring so that you can proceed with moving out of your living spaces if needed. Make sure that your smoke detectors are clean, and replace them with new ones when needed.

8. Take care of your refrigerator

A refrigerator is incredibly important for safe and proper food storage. A broken refrigerator will cause you major problems since it could make all of the food in the refrigerator spoil, leading to having to throw out all of the spoiled food. To prevent this, make sure to pay attention to any leaks or uncommon sounds coming from your refrigerator. In such cases, call for professional help if the refrigerator requires any repairs. Moreover, make sure that the items in your refrigerator are organized properly with regular maintenance to prevent any food spills.

9. You can clean your AC air filter

You do not have to wait for your next HVAC check-up in order to clean your air conditioning unit. You can do your part in maintaining your air conditioning units by cleaning the air filter to prevent it from being too dusty. Although, do not hesitate to contact a professional if there is a need for a technical inspection.

10. Regularly clean your rugs and carpets

Your rugs and carpets cannot be maintained by just vacuuming since they collect dirt over time. Every month, make sure to wash them with soap so that the accumulated bacteria and dirt are properly washed away. Washing your rugs and carpets regularly also prevents them from staying discolored from the accumulated dirt and dust.

11. Ensure your windows are free from leaks

Given that it is the month of June, the rainy season is becoming more apparent as the summer season comes to an end. Because of this, it is important to make sure that your windows are leak-proof. Have rubber sealants attached to the window frames? Any gaps in the window can be solved by applying a waterproofing solvent. Ensuring that your windows are free from leaks is also preventive maintenance that will prevent your furniture and walls from being damaged by rain or moisture.

12. Take care of any cracks in your walls

Over time, exposure to moisture can cause walls to become damp and end up cracked. This can worsen into accumulating molds or leaks. To prevent this, be wary of any wall cracks in your condo’s rooms and cover them up with wall putty. A benefit that condominium owners have is that they only have to maintain their interiors instead of having to do exterior maintenance. The maintenance of the condo building itself is taken care of by the condo associations, to whom you pay your condo fees or condo investment.

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