Advantages of Property Ownership in Tagaytay

By: Mariel Andrea Mijares

Own a piece of Tagaytay, the second summer capital of the Philippines, and count yourself among the fortunate ones to know what a pleasure it is to reside here. If you are still unsure, the following factors can persuade you to buy a home for yourself. A real estate investment you can maintain for the rest of your life, a home you can share with family and friends above all else. Your next safe haven, similar to what a Pine Suites Tagaytay condominium unit offers, might be around the corner.

Advantages of Owning Residential Properties in Tagaytay, Cavite

1. Cool Climate

The main goal is to unwind and feel at home. Come to Tagaytay if you’re looking for a destination where the weather makes you feel like you’re in a dream. Since your arrival, we have kept things straightforward by safeguarding the splendor of nature and enabling visitors to comfortably rest their legs. Knowing that there is always a cause to enjoy the cool weather in Tagaytay will help you make the decision to purchase a condo here. Enjoy your trip with friends and family, whether the weather is lovely and cool during the day or cool and humid during the night!

You can think more clearly when the weather is cold. You can do your work more effectively if the space is set at a lower temperature rather than a heated one. The cold and chill weather means there are no pollen counts, which is good news for anyone who has outdoor allergies. You won’t need to worry about allergies if you spend time outside.  While it’s still possible to get a cold in the winter, you are protected from many illnesses and viruses that are more common in the summer. Although they are known to spread many diseases, mosquitoes hibernate throughout the cold. Your immune system can defend you against any infections.

Due to the skin’s blood vessels being constrained by cold temperatures, which reduces their likelihood of swelling and redness, cold temperatures can be beneficial for your skin’s health. It is actually healthy for your heart to engage in numerous outdoor activities even when it is cold outside. It adds excitement and difficulty to exercising. Additionally, it enables the body to compensate for the activity with more oxygenated blood, guarantees that the body’s temperature is kept warm to maintain equilibrium, and prevents a dip in temperature.

2. Food around the area

Photo from lutongpinoyrecipe.com

As Filipinos, we absolutely love food—not just the usual cuisine but also home-cooked delicacies, lots of soups, and many others. There are many locations to visit in Tagaytay, where you can always savor the mouthwatering cuisine and our favorite view of the Taal Volcano. Famous Fried Tawilis, a savory fish with complementary vinegar that always goes well with a cup of rice, is a specialty of Tagaytay. Freshwater sardines like the tawilis (Sardinella tawilis) are only found in the Philippines. The only member of the genus Sardinella is known to dwell exclusively in freshwater makes it special. It is a little fish, growing to a maximum length of 15 cm and weighing under 30g each. Fish have a forked tail fin and a single, triangular dorsal fin. In addition to the ongoing threat of volcanic eruption, it is currently threatened by overfishing and habitat contamination. One population contains the entire species, hence local extinction would also result in global extinction.

Our mouthwatering Beef Bulalo is another well-known delicacy; it perfectly complements Tagaytay’s chilly climate. When combined with the ideal hot soup and its other ingredients, the soft beef simply melts on your tongue. Bulalo, a light-colored soup that is indigenous to the Southern Luzon region of the Philippines, is made rich by simmering bull shanks and beef marrow bones for hours until much of the collagen and fat has melted into the clear broth. Chefs use different seasonings; some merely use salt and black pepper, while others add patis, bay leaves, or even garlic. But at its foundation, Bulalo is a straightforward cattleman’s stew that is best prepared in a big pot with whatever vegetables are in season.

These are the only two dishes you absolutely must taste when in the beautiful city of Tagaytay. You will adore their perspective, weather, and food in addition to all else they have to offer.

3. Value Appreciation

In addition to being a good investment for your family, real estate also generates revenue through rent, rates, and other yearly cash flow. There are benefits to owning real estate in Tagaytay City over other locations and neighboring provinces, including better property prices, stronger demand due to an increase in population, and a great climate all year round. It can be advantageous to invest in real estate and have a retirement fund given the current status of the economy in many nations.

Your property’s market value rises in tandem with its price growth. Given that there is a bigger demand in the fair market, selling properties following price appreciation implies you get to make more money than you did when you first bought them. A price increase also increases your equity. In the Philippines, Tagaytay is in high demand, a popular weekend getaway destination, and well-known for a variety of reasons. Your financial commitment will be well worth it.

4. One of the Safest Suburbs

Since Tagaytay is one of the most popular spots to visit at night, there are several lights throughout the area, ensuring your safety. The majority of structures and businesses have their own security services to keep everyone safe. Most roads are busy due to the number of tourists in the area, and these roads are the ones where police officers are most likely to be on patrol.

Photo from tagaytaycity.ph

As well as being a safe place, Tagaytay City also has a handful of urban parks such as the People’s Park and Picnic Grove. Enjoy a balanced life among the pine trees and fresh air of Tagaytay.

5. Easy Access

Tagaytay offers numerous entry points, including a simple route to Cavite, Batangas, Manila, and many other locations. One of them is the Cavite Laguna Expressway (CALAX), a quick route that can assist you in getting to Silang, Laguna, and other places. The South Luzon Expressway, which connects Batangas and Metro Manila, is an additional route that will enable you to go to Manila considerably more quickly. By blocking traffic from Tagaytay Rotonda, the Tagaytay Bypass Road provides an alternative route for people who want to enter Tagaytay. You can access this path via either Amadeo Road or Emilio Aguinaldo Highway.

Time is valuable to everyone, not only those who work or study, so these highways are obviously very beneficial and useful for everyone. More time saved translates to more time for your family or for yourself.

Your future home might be in a Pine Suites Tagaytay condo for sale, which is close to an accessible road, food shops and restaurants nearby, a climate that could help you relax, and a neighborhood with round-the-clock security to ensure everyone’s safety. We still have a studio and two-bedroom units available. For those who are still eager to get their own brand-new property, our project has a number of promotions to offer. Take advantage of this opportunity to treat yourself to a fantastic home in Tagaytay.

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