Advantages of Living Close To The Airport

By: Warren Ace Leonida
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Updated as of March 6, 2023

Air travel has come a long way from being a luxury now to a somewhat necessity because of the fast-paced world that we live in. People can now travel to different places because of the ease of air travel. And with the ongoing process of globalization and increasing consumer demand, travel is needed between countries, especially for businessmen.

If you always need to travel or have the spontaneity to go somewhere, then a property near an airport might be your best choice. Have you ever considered buying property nearby a landing strip? Here are some of the advantages of living close to the airport one will enjoy.

Advantages of living near the airport

Advantages of living near the airport

Located near major thoroughfares

One of the advantages of buying a property near the airport is for easy accessibility, airports are usually well-connected to all parts of the city through a network of well-developed roads, flyovers, expressways, and highways. Ninoy Aquino International Airport, the country’s main international gateway, is serviced by numerous roadways.

Presidio at The Lakefront just like any other Crown Asia property takes pride in its location, being accessible from different road networks and important road thoroughfares.

With 4 major entry points from the South Luzon Expressway or SLEX via the Sucat exit, the C-6 exit, Bicutan access, and the Taguig National Road, Presidio at The Lakefront is a natural growth and business extension to Makati and other business districts in Metro Manila. 

Good Quality of Life

Along with commercial growth, the neighboring localities to the airport also witness the development of many new retail sectors. Good thing is that The Lakefront is located in the prime area of Sucat, Muntinlupa, always a few minutes away from schools, hospitals, and commercial centers. This master-planned development can assure a good quality of life! The Hermosa, a condo in Las Pinas, also benefits from this as it’s only minutes away from the airport and in the future master-planned estate of Vista Global South.

Career opportunities

The locations nearby airports have a high demand in the realty sector because of the excellent connectivity and infrastructure. These areas are also bound to emerge as commercial destinations. From restaurants to offices putting up shop near the airport, job opportunities near the airport will only increase. Airports also employ a lot of people, from the airport crew to pilots to air stewards.

An Investment Opportunity

Airports have developed as an urban phenomenon that attracts commercial growth, retail outlets, and infrastructure initiatives, thus transforming into high-growth zones over the past few years. For property buyers who want to invest in a condo or a house and lot for sale in Cavite, being near the airport can turn into a high-demand property worthy of their investment. The value of properties will only increase in the future because of the infrastructure and demand. You and your family can enjoy your investment for years to come.


Travel might be more practical and effective if you live close to an airport. In addition to saving time and money on transportation to and from the airport, you might be able to benefit from last-minute airline discounts. And with commercial establishments near the airport, the things you’ll need will be close by.

Airports in the Philippines

Airports in the Philippines

Ninoy Aquino International Airport

Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) is the main international gateway to the Philippines. Manila International Airport was the original name of NAIA when it initially opened in 1948. Afterward, it was renamed in Ninoy Aquino’s honor.

To meet the increasing number of travelers and airlines using the airport, NAIA has undergone several upgrades and additions over the years. With Terminal 1 being the oldest and Terminal 4 being the smallest, there are currently four terminals. Philippine Airlines’ primary hub is located at Terminal 2, while the newest and largest terminal, Terminal 3, serves both local and international flights.

Mactan-Cebu International Airport

Mactan-Cebu International Airport (MCIA) is the second busiest airport in the Philippines after Manila’s Ninoy Aquino International Airport. It is situated on Mactan Island in the province of Cebu and acts as the main entry point to Visayas, which is home to well-known tourist hotspots including Bohol, Dumaguete, and Boracay.

The airport, which was initially built as a tiny domestic airport in the 1960s, has subsequently undergone a series of modifications and extensions in order to handle the increasing number of travelers using the facility. The airport can now accommodate 12.5 million people annually.

Clark International Airport

Clark International Airport (CRK) is an international airport located in the city of Angeles, Pampanga in the Philippines. Formerly called the Diosdado Macapagal International Airport after a former Filipino president.

The Clark Air Base, a significant US military installation that was shut down in 1991 as a result of Mount Pinatubo’s eruption, served as the foundation for the airport. Afterward, the base was turned into a special economic zone that now houses the airport in addition to industrial parks, logistical hubs, and other commercial constructions.

As an alternative to Manila’s congested Ninoy Aquino International Airport, CRK is the fourth busiest airport in the Philippines. It is presently going through a significant expansion, which will include building a new passenger terminal and expanding its runway to handle bigger aircraft.

Sangley International Airport

The Philippines’ Cavite province is home to Sangley International Airport (SPIA). It was initially constructed in the 1950s as an air force facility and then transformed into a commercial airport in the 1990s. The airport intends to reduce air traffic in the area around the nation’s capital by providing an alternative to Manila’s Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA).

To handle increased domestic and international aircraft, the Philippine government announced plans to improve Sangley International Airport in 2019. The expansion project comprises the construction of a new passenger terminal, runway, and other airport infrastructure. The objective is to make Sangley an airport of the highest caliber, capable of handling up to 100 million passengers yearly.

Crown Asia’s Properties Near the Airport

Crown Asia prides itself in communities only a stone-throw away from important road networks and the country’s main international airport. Residents in these communities can enjoy the advantages of being close to the airport.

Crown Asia's Properties Near the Airport

Presidio at the Lakefront is located in Sucat, Muntinlupa near the South Luzon Expressway which links to NAIA. In Las Pinas, The Hermosa is found along the C-5 extension which is only minutes away from the main airport. Crown Asia’s house and lot for sale in Cavite will enjoy the benefits of living near the airport with the infrastructure projects connecting the province to Manila’s main international airport. Hermosa in Las Pinas is a condo near NAIA. Located along the C5 extension, this property is only minutes away from the airport. 

Search for a property near the airport and you’ll enjoy the benefits of owning one.

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