Crown Asia Timeless Summer, Where time stops for the moments that matter

By: Phinalope Chandumal
Timeless Summer

As the warm sunny season has arrived, it is the perfect time to refresh yourself with relaxation and serene moments with loved ones. Most would find this season as an opportunity to plan their own getaways and trips. They’d seek travel destinations that are best known for its beauty and refreshing feel. 

But despite wanting to plan these escapades for their loved ones, there are still many factors to consider. For instance, one example is the lack of time. Despite kids being on vacation, some parents are still tight with their schedules for work or other personal matters. Another huge factor to consider is – will the travel be kid and senior citizen friendly? You would also have to take note of your furry members of the family, you’d have to consider them too.

The hustle and bustle of everyday life could be overwhelming, but don’t let it take the fun of the season away. Here at Crown Asia, their timeless homes offer you a getaway within your reach. Its homes and communities are inspired from the beauty of the world, where each corner is laced in elegance and premium living, as it is also positioned in strategic locations for your convenience. Their upgraded smart features for their homes are ready to refresh your senses, allowing you to make the most of your time.

This Summer, enjoy less time on the road. Take time away from the hustle and bustle of the fast-paced life. Get to relish in a home that serves as a gateway to relaxation and serenity. As soon as you enter your abode, get to unlock a place where time seems to slow down for you. This opens up a perfect way to spend more time with your loved ones and create moments that will last a lifetime, reminding them of that perfect timeless summer.   

Experience a getaway vacation spot with Crown Asia’s vertical and horizontal collection. Each community is a getaway from what you would usually see on the daily. A place that radiates a sense of freshness that is within your grasp. 

Now is the time to focus on the moments that truly count, as time feels suspended when at the heart of a home. Crown Asia offers thematic communities that are also portrayed in their refreshing set of amenities. Delivering a vacation to the best in the world to you. Invest in a timeless decision for you and your growing family. 

Crown Asia presents its Summer Campaign. Be ready to unwind and make the most of this season as you are set to enjoy: Crown Asia Timeless Summer.

Envision yourself touring Italy at Vita Toscana, Ponticelli, and Carmel located in Cavite. Stroll along the contemporary-Spanish inspired beauty of Jardin Hermosa, located in Las Piñas. Or even take a cool refreshing dip in the pool of the Danish-inspired community at Pine Suites, Tagaytay. 

All communities are inspired to showcase beauty in its best form while you experience a higher sense of living. Rejuvenate your senses this summer with their ready for occupancy homes. Create new moments by swimming in the pool, playing in the park, or even just spend time at the heart of home. 

Where time stops for the moments that truly matter. 

Watch out for their summer themed-events and limited time deals. 

  • April 13 & 14 | Vita Toscana Open House
  • April 14 | Hermosa and Tagaytay: Summer Themed Open House
  • April 20 | Homeowners Referral Program at Vita Toscana in partnership with AllHome 
  • April 21 | La Dolce Vita: Open House at Vita Toscana
  • April 21 & 28 | Open House for All Vertical Sites 
  • April 27 | Grand Investor’s Night at Sombrero Evia
  • April 30 | Midnight Madness (Grand Investor’s Night)

Celebrate Crown Asia Timeless Summer all throughout our projects in Las Piñas, Daang Hari, Cavite, Laguna, and Tagaytay! 

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