Crown Asia The Premium Brand of Vista Land Premium Real Estate Developer In The Philippines
Crown Asia The Premium Brand of Vista Land Premium Real Estate Developer In The Philippines

Lladro | Spacious Home

Price starts at PHP 23000000

Lladro is a two-story house model with three bedrooms found in three of our themed communities – Citta Italia, Valenza, and Vita Toscana. This spacious home has a floor area of 211 sq.m and a minimum lot area of 180 sq.m. A wonderful place to live, Lladro provides open spaces for entertaining and enjoying the company of others.


More space. More activities.

Welcome to this spacious home in the south of Metro Manila. This house model features plenty of living space which lets you create space for any activity in your home - may it be a party or a simple home workout with the family. A front porch and balcony, along with a spacious outdoor area also invite you to relax under the canopy of lush trees, feel the breeze and enjoy your time away from work in your own home.


This two-story luxury house model comes with a spacious family lounge area, an office/den, three toilets and baths, a large master bedroom with big windows and ample closet space, a powder room, and a two-car garage. The kitchen is ready to be equipped with modern appliances, ensuring you'll always have everything you need at the ready. It also has big windows which provide a good amount of light inside your home and lets in the required freshness, while maintaining privacy.


This home has a spacious interior with rooms that could serve a number of purposes and could be enjoyed by your kids. The importance of having a spacious home is seen in the child's development as they will need space in order to play and explore life. It helps them grow and explore, which also increases their curiosity about the world. With enough space, children can learn to share, experiment, question, and even make mistakes.


A property surrounded by wonderful amenities and establishments

Discover a place you can enjoy in every season and every hour of the day. The manicured gardens and wonderful amenities such as a swimming pool, tennis courts, and gym will be perfect for your lifestyle.


Upon entering your premium home in south Luzon, you will notice convenience stores, lifestyle malls, high-end outlets, furniture stores, and premium dining experiences all within walking distance. With so many choices for shopping and dining nearby, your time at home is sure to be eventful.


Prime Italian living in the South

Spacious homes in the south are hard to come by. End your search and go for Lladro.


Lladro is ideal for those who wish to live in an aesthetically pleasing neighborhood. Enjoy the beauty of these buildings as your home, or let someone else enjoy this lifestyle as an investment in real estate.

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