Payment Options For Your Crown Asia Home

By: Crown Asia

Getting a Crown Asia Property is just so easy and convenient!

Frequently Asked Questions:

1.) Can I reclaim my reservation fee?

NO. The reservation fee is strictly NON-REFUNDABLE.

2.) Is the reservation fee transferable?

50% of the Reservation Fee is forfeited in case of downgrade or transfer to another Crown Asia project. These terms and conditions are subject to change.

Things to Know:

Payment Methods for Reservation Fee: Cash, Cheque, and Direct Bank Deposit to Crown Asia account.

Pay your bills Over the Counter in any branch nationwide via Bills Payment at AllBank, BDO, Security Bank, and Union Bank.

Skip long lines and pay bills anytime with our Online Payment Channels: All Easy, AllBank- Instapay, Pesopay, Qwikwire, Union Bank, or just enroll your account for Auto-Debit Arrangement in BDO.

Pay anywhere around the world with our International Payment Facilities: Qwikwire, Optimum Exchange Remit, Inc., RCBC telemoney, and PNB Overseas Bills Payment System

Move-In Fees

1.) Meralco Application – Meralco Application is already included in the Total Contract Price provided by Crown Asia Marketing or Crown Asia Property Consultants

2.) Water Application – Prime Water Company supplies water for all Crown Asia projects. Water application is NOT included in the total contract price and must be paid by the buyer to Prime Water (located at Las Pinas).