Pay your Home Dues Even Without a Bank Account, with Robinsons Bank!

By: Crown Asia

Reference Account Features and Reminders:

  1. Reference Account Numbers (RANs) are RBank virtual accounts
  2. This payment facility may be availed by our clients without a local bank account in the Philippines.
  3. No requirements are needed to have a local bank account thru our bank partner Robinsons Bank.
  4. This account will not be owned by the client and will only be assigned until:
    • The Client wishes to disenroll from this payment facility
    • The Client canceled the purchase of the property
    • The Client completed the monthly amortization due
  5. One Reference Account Number will be assigned per property
  6. Clients can only fund the RANs (no account balance inquiry, no enrollment to automatic debit arrangement/ADA, no withdrawal)
  7. Funds from the RANs are swept to the Mother/Concentration Account at the end-of-day (EOD)
  8. Cut-off re: funding of RANs will be dependent on the channel used (e.g. Pesonet – 12NN (crediting is between 4 PM – 11 PM); Instapay – real-time)
  9. No confirmation to payor re: successful sweeping of payments to Mother Account (only confirmation of processing/proof of transaction via the channel used)

Reference Account Process

STEP 1: Fill up the Enrollment Form and submit to Account Officer for assessment and validation
STEP 2: Once Enrolled, your Account Officer will email you the Robinsons Bank Reference Account Number assigned to your purchased property.
STEP 3: Fund the assigned Reference Account Number thru the following channels before your due date:

  • Direct deposit to Rbank
  • SWIFT transfer
  • RTGS transfers
  • PDDTS transfers
  • PesoNet
  • Instapay
  • eWallet