Ways on How to Personalize General Christmas Gifts

By: Marge Santos
personalized gift ideas

There’s an old adage that goes, “It’s the thought that counts.” and yes, it is quite true when it comes to gift-giving. A gift that comes with so much thoughtfulness with it is priceless. Personalized gifts that are meaningful and significant to the receiver render sincerity, genuine friendship and love. So, how does one turn a generic Christmas gift into a personalized gift? Read on for some ideas that will ease the stress on Christmas gift-giving. A customized gift that speaks to the heart of your loved ones may be the perfect gift this Christmas.

How To Determine Personalized Gifts To Give

In order to come up with a meaningful personalized gift, there are a few things the giver may look into to be able to give a personalized gift that speaks from the heart.

  • Try to learn about the lifestyle of the receiver. A personalized gift idea may easily come up if there is knowledge about the receiver’s current hobbies or interests or a recent fascination. A little research will make gift-giving a lot easier and definitely memorable. A friend who comes across as a kitchen diva may be happy to receive a personalized cutting board with her name engraved on it.
  • Take a hint from the small but significant details of the receiver. Sometimes the clues on what to give is hidden in the daily conversations or interaction with the receiver. Sometimes they may be glaringly in the open. Without asking the receiver’s favorite color, notice the shade they normally wear to get a hint. A friend who may be wanting a new pair of shoes but too busy to shop for one may love to receive a pair in her favorite shade.
  • Give practical gifts. Show appreciation for friends who don’t want to be spent on by considering practical gifts for them. They might be the type who will be happy to receive home or office essentials that they will use in their daily activities.
  • Give something they “want”. In recent times, people focus more on their “needs” and give up on their “wants”. Someone who might be craving for something but prefers not to spend on it may appreciate receiving his craving as a gift. A mom who would rather spend for her family rather than herself may just be elated to receive something she may be eyeing for herself for a long time.

Personalized Gift Ideas


A necklace or a bracelet or any piece of jewelry already speaks volume when given as a gift but to have it personalized by engraving the receiver’s name or a significant date on it will truly touch one’s heart.

Memory Locket from Tala by Kyla

Tala by Kyla offers a unique way of combining a memory locket and a laser-engravement that captures the memory. This personalized gift idea is a suitable Christmas gift for those who prefer to keep the memory of a loved one close to the heart.

Istorya Creations

When it comes to personalized and handmade mementos, this brand definitely knows how to make memories last through engraving of anything significant from names to an important date or a favorite quote.

Image from: https://istoryacreations.com/


This local business offers Mi Alaga Necklace Emblem, a unique gift for fur parents and pet lovers. They customize necklaces with pictures of pets. However, they also offer Personalized Timeless Emblems featuring photos of loved ones printed on charms of necklaces. Just go to their FB page or [email protected] for details on how to order their items.


Most often than not general Christmas gifts are considered as the last resort as tokens or giveaways for acquaintances, peers, or colleagues. But with a little thought put into it, these general Christmas gifts may be turned into something special when printed with the receiver’s name or their favorite hobby or something they love.


Turn the simplest of things to a custom gift. This print company does customized printing on almost anything from key chains from metal, wooden to PU leather keychains), button badges (from safety pin badges, opener badges to magnetic ones) , drinkware (from ceramic mugs, magic mugs to auto mugs), bags (from non-woven bags, tote bags to drawstring bags), cushions (from throw pillows to square or rectangular-shaped ones), wall decors (either canvasses, puzzles or photo frames), identities (from lanyards, ID cards to ID car holders), mouse pads, photo rocks, and customized clothing (anything from round neck t-shirts, microfiber shirts to polo shirts). They allow clients to design their gifts within 3 minutes by following 4 easy steps: choosing the product, uploading the design, adding or editing the text and finally placing the order.

Vector Lamps

Turn something practical to something personalized. Vector Lamps is another practical yet magical way to capture a memorable moment in the life of the person receiving the gift. Ordering one includes the line art, the acrylic glass, the wood lamp with USB plug, and the eco-friendly packaging. The giver will be at ease as they normally send a copy of the line art for approval before Vector Lamps go ahead with the engravement. 

Cropped photo of an artisan sitting at the workbench during the metalwork in his studio


Wines were always considered as a gifting option for sommeliers, occasional wine drinkers, wine collectors or someone who appreciates wines. But to have them labeled with the receiver’s name or who they are to the giver is definitely an impressive way to let them know how special they are.

You Label Whore

This company will be able to turn any bottle of wine into funny conversation starters and will surely make gifting fun and memorable. They bring favorite memes and inside jokes to life through the labels they make for any spirit. The giver will just have to place an order of a liquor of their choice, choose the label either from their pre-made selections or something customized, and the personalized wine will be prepared.


Nothing could be more personal than a compilation of one’s milestone, significant event or a collection of happy and fun times spent with loved ones. This personalized gift idea may be a great way to show how much relationships are valued.

Ben and Bart

This company offers the Keepsake Memory Box with up to 30 to 70 shots of printed memories. The pictures are printed in satin paper stored in an elegant box. Alongside with the printed copies is a USB that contains the soft copies of these photos. This is one keepsake for no one throws away memories.

MKPrint Online

Another company that offers a unique compilation of fifteen pictures in a reused film canister is MKPrint Online. The Canister Film Roll Keychain is a great and unique personalized gift idea that is budget-friendly. With the price of P199, the canister contains 15 photos. Should there be additional photos, an additional fee of P5 per picture may be charged. A simple yet unique way of bringing memories wherever one goes.


Practical gifts are popular for their usability but they may also be hip and trendy. They may be home and office essentials that can be customized according to the receiver’s favorite color or preference.


They offer personalized mouse pad with customized marble design and name, quote or any text. They have a variety of marble designs to choose from. Placing orders from this company is easy. Just visit Shopee for details.

Rustic Creations by Anj

Their Mikan Personalized Gift Set for Coffee Lovers is perfect for friends and family who are coffee fanatics. However, they have a variety of wooden products perfect for the home from cutting board to serving dishes and spoons that can be customized. For details on how to order, go to their FB page or [email protected] for details.

Alon Arts

Coping with the new normal of carrying an alcohol spray bottle wherever one goes is a practical gift anyone would appreciate. Alon Arts provide personalized alcohol bottle holders in a variety of colors to choose from. They also have other products such as passport holders, ID holders, and other leather items that can be customized. For details, visit Lazada, Shopee or their FB page.

Ben and Bart

An ideal personalized gift for your loved ones to keep them warm during cold days is the embroidered hoodie. Choose from their different colors.

Hiwaga Scented Candle

Scented candles are practical gifts that offer stress relief, encourage relaxation and help create a calm vibe. What’s special about this brand is that they offer hidden messages either a customized one or a random quote that will come as a surprise. Visit their Shopee account for details on how to order.

Things Remembered Personalized Gifts – Philippines

For bespoke gifts with exclusive designs that only this company provides, choose from their wide range of products that will surely leave an impressive mark. Choose from their homeware collection, watch holders, travel collection, and handsewn ladies’ bags. Visit their fb page or [email protected] for more details.

Personalized Proto Stand

This local business offers laptop and cellphone stands. It is great gift for laptop users who are always on-the-go. For more details, visit their FB page.


Custom Funko Pop

This company offers a fun personalized gift idea perfect for toy collectors. They come in mini and standard sizes and may also be customized into a couple selection. Visit their Shopee account to know details on how to order.

End Note

Make Christmas gift-giving a fun and meaningful to share one’s blessings. It should be stress-free if inspired by gratitude and sincerity. It is not the gift itself but the thought that accompanies the gift that truly counts. For more memorable and meaningful Christmas celebrations, know more about house and lot for sale in Dasmariñas, Cavite.

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