Romantic Valentines Decorations for Your House

By: Hanna Rubio
valentines decorations

After starting the year strong and hopeful, you can remind yourself to slow down a bit and have some personal time with your loved ones. While big holidays like Christmas and New Year are now done and live in your memories, there are still some days that you get to spend with your family and friends, away from your busy professional life.

And for the second month of the year, while it is a month-long celebration for some, it is on the 14th! Valentine’s Day is just a few sleeps away and it’s not a secret that most of everyone—if not all—is trying to find a way to spice up the mundane day.

While the same chocolates and flowers surely work for everyone, there are myriad ways to make it much more exciting and fun! Some will be celebrating Heart’s Day outside with a candlelight dinner or with a few drinks but some still prefer a more intimate celebration inside their house and lot.

Need not worry if you’re part of the home buddies club for you can still have a fun Valentine’s Day at home! But first, you need to enliven your home and one way of doing so is by incorporating Valentine-themed decorations. You can scroll on the internet and see thousands of suggestions, from the simple DIYed to the most grandiose ones but to make it easier for you, listed below are some of the romantic Valentines Day decor you can definitely add to your home.

Valentine-themed Decorations for you

Some people will probably say that decorating for occasions like this is such a waste of time or money but for some, doing this kind of activity helps add a little bit of enjoyment to their life. Not to mention that it can also make someone happy. So, for those who like to do their best to put embellishments in their home, then this list is definitely for you!

Heart-shaped Wreath

Coming first on the list is placing a heart-shaped wreath on your front door. This is a great way to welcome your guests to your house and lot. It exudes a warm and inviting vibe which attracts people and triggers the feeling of wanting to go inside. Starting your decorations from outside is a great idea to elicit curiosity which makes your guests much excited to see what your interior looks like. It can be made from various materials such as flowers, ribbons, or heart-shaped paper cut-outs.

Quirky Scented Candles

Another decoration that you can’t forget is candles! It is a versatile decoration that can be used for its purpose or just as decoration. It’s also one of the great ways to set the mood right and elicit a cozy, warm, and intimate atmosphere which is just perfect for Valentine’s Day. There are a variety of scents and quirky designs to choose from so you’ll have a lot of choices. Some shops offer personalized candles based on customers’ requests—a perfect addition for any special occasion.

Love-themed Throw Pillow

Incorporating love-themed throw pillows into your home adds a romantic touch to your house and lot. Aside from the fact that it ties up the look of the room, it is the easiest way to make your home look complete without even having to try harder. Themed-pillowcases are also available in the market.

Table Settings

Valentine’s Day is made for gathering may it be with family, friends, or a special someone. One way to elevate the dining experience is by making greater efforts to set the table and add ornaments that are in-themed with Heart’s Day and the motif that you are going for. This can be achieved by adding table runners, plates, utensils, and vases with flowers.

Valentine’s Tree

Valentine’s Tree is like the equivalent of a Christmas Tree but instead of Christmas balls and other ornaments, you can put heart-shaped objects, hang letters from the people you love, and any ornaments that are pink or Valentine-related. This is an extra gesture but it will surely elevate your decoration game.

Romantic Wall Photo

If you want a more personal and sentimental touch to your home this coming Valentine’s Day, then adding a romantic wall photo is the perfect decor for you. If you are planning to have dinner with someone, you can incorporate photos that you have with them. For a more customized decor, you can add a design to your wall photo before hanging it up on the wall or putting it on the best part of the room. This will create an impression that you value the time you spend with your guests, enabling you to develop stronger relationships with them.

Sweets Section

Sweets like sugar candies and chocolate are a must-add for Valentine’s Day especially if you are hosting a dinner or party for it makes the occasion a whole lot sweeter. Valentine’s Day is not only about going on dates but it’s also known for the tradition of sharing gifts like these.

String lights and Garlands

Choosing the perfect lights for Valentine’s Day enhances the mood and vibe of the whole gathering. It adds a soft and warm glow to your home that makes the celebration more romantic, magical, and aesthetically pleasing.

Floating Balloons

Another touch that you can add to your at-home celebration is floating balloons that just complete your Valentine’s Day decorations. Aside from the fact that it looks good for gram pictures, it adds a fun and festive feeling. Plus, there are also balloon designs that highly align with the Valentine’s Day celebration!


Valentine’s Day decor can add so much personality and fun to your home space. It also allows you to explore different styles and designs that best suit your preferences. May it be for a big or intimate celebration, DIYed or not—your effort and initiative in making the day beautiful is also what makes Valentine’s Day extra special. Whether you have a romantic date, Galentine’s Day, or a day for yourself, doing these initiatives makes the day a lot more memorable.

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