Know the Relevant Permits to Build Your Own House

By: Levi Santiago

There are a number of benefits that come with building the house and lot for sale that you will live in. Aside from being able to choose what location you will have your house built on, as well as the what kind of surrounding community the house will be in, you will be able to build the house of your dreams from scratch. In order to do this, you will need to undergo the necessary procedures of building a house, and this entails complying with the fulfillment of required documents and permits.

Requirements for House Construction

Having your own house and lot for sale built usually follows a process involving the coordination between you and hired professionals, which includes the following steps:

1.) Have the initial relevant documents prepared.

An on-hand copy of the Lot Plan is required when you are planning to build a new house on the land. If you do not have a Lot Plan, then you may coordinate with a Geodetic Engineer to have your land property measured and surveyed. A Soil Bearing Test should also be conducted for the use of the Structural Engineer when having your house built.

Aside from that, the structure must go through the building permit process and have the required permits, such as the building should also follow the national building code, and having building permits.

2.) Hire an architect and communicate what kind of house you want.

Carefully choose the architect that you will choose to coordinate with in having your house built. Make sure to check potential architects’ portfolios, past clients, and how they go about their design process. Ensure that the architect is reputable, competent, and a good communicator. An official contract with the architect will be finalized, and only afterward will the architect start designing your house.

3.) Have a team of hired professionals to coordinate with.

Aside from the architect, you will need to work with professionals such as a Mechanical Engineer, Structural Engineer, Electrical Engineer, Sanitary Engineer, and Electronics & Communications Engineer. The architect will usually have a team comprised of these engineers who will all coordinate with each other to build your house and lot for sale, which is why hiring a proficient architect is key. These five engineers will prepare “blueprints, forms, the bill of materials, specifications, and analyses needed for bidding and submission to the City Hall when applying for a building permit.”, all of which are coordinated with the local building department to follow

4.) List down the budget for the construction.

The architect will be the one to give you an overview of the costs of the construction of your house via a list called the Bill of Materials. Once the design plans of your house are ready, the architect can look for contractors who are interested in bidding on the construction of your home. With you having the final say, the architect will assist you with screening competent contractors, negotiating with the contractors, and carefully evaluating bids. 

In addition to the budget, consider all the required permits and the permit fees that will come with it.

5.) Award the project to a contractor and map out the process of the construction.

With the assistance of the architect, you will award the project (i.e., the construction of your house) to the winning contractor, which will “help you identify inspection milestones for the construction.” A Building Permit will then be required so that the construction of your house and lot for sale can get started; securing a Building Permit is the responsibility of the contractor unless it is otherwise stated in your agreement with the contractor.

6.) Make sure that you pay the contractor on time with the correct payment.

Make sure that your payments are done on time because delays in payment cause the delivery of materials and hired manpower to be delayed and limited. In addition, the architect can offer you solutions if payment disputes occur between you and the contractor.

7.) Do the final inspections before moving in.

An inspection of the contractor’s work is important to find what areas of the house need to be repaired. Before the final payment to the contractor is made, make sure that the contractor has given you the Occupancy Permit. Without the Occupancy Permit, you are not allowed to settle in your house. Moreover, get a copy of the complete As-Built Plans from your contractor for future use, if ever renovations of your house are needed.

The Importance of a Building Permit

Securing building permits is usually the responsibility of the contractor who is in charge of the construction of your house and lot for sale.

Even in the case wherein, it was otherwise stated in your agreement with the contractor, the Building Permit is still mandatory because it is the Building Permit that establishes the legality of your home. 

Furthermore, a Building Permit is required not just for house construction, but for house renovation as well. This permit ensures that the building or house and lot for sale to be constructed follows the proper building codes that will ensure that the house or property can withstand natural disasters and the like.

How a Building Permit Can Be Secured

Securing a Building Permit typically requires the following requirements:

Properly filled-up application forms duly signed and sealed by the engineers concerned:

  • Building Permit Forms (5 copies)
  • Electrical Permit Forms (3 copies)
  • Sanitary Permit Forms (3 copies)

Five (5) complete sets of Detailed Plans

  • Proof of Property
  • Photocopy of Transfer Certificate of Title (TCT)
  • Photocopy of tax Declaration of Property-lot (Certified True Copy) – 5 copies
  • Photocopy of Current Tax Receipt (5 copies)
  • Permit Billboard (0.60 X 0.90 Plywood with the following contents):
    • Bill of Materials and Specification (5 copies) – signed and sealed by an engineer or an architect on every page
    • Locational Clearance
    • Photocopy of PTR # and PRC license of all concerned engineers and architects
    • Clearance from the DPWH if the construction is located along National Highway
    • DOLE Clearance

An Overview of the Relevant Permits/Documents for Building a House

During the entire process of construction plan from start to finish, there will be many documents and permits that you will need to secure in compliance with the requirements and standards that come with house construction. This overview should help you have an idea of what relevant permits/documents you need to be aware of. 

These include the following:

  • Lot Plan
  • Barangay Clearance
  • Lot Survey
  • Affidavit of Consent from lot owner (if ever you are building your house on a lot that you do not own)
  • Community Tax Certificate
  • Tax Declaration
  • Building Permit
  • Occupancy Permit

Make sure to be thorough, meticulous, and attentive during the entire process of having your house built. House construction is not an easy task, but being able to build a wonderful home for you, or perhaps your family as well, is worth the hard work!

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