Is City Hunting the New House Hunting?

By: Marge Santos
house hunting

House hunting is simply the act of looking for a house and lot for sale in San Pedro. Back in the day, house hunting was done through newspaper ads and word of mouth. However, the methods to find the appropriate place to live in have kept on evolving through the years. House hunters have kept on exploring better and more efficient means to search for their place of residence. Through the internet, property hunters have numerous options to locate the house of their dreams. In addition to browsing through PC’s and laptops, house hunting became more accessible through the use of smartphones. House hunting had become more systematic through apps readily available in smartphones. These apps allow house hunters to match their resources and requirements to their needs before the actual house hunting.

What is City Hunting?

In the realm of real estate, “city hunting” takes on a specific meaning distinct from the literal pursuit of urban wildlife. Here, it transforms into the exciting (and sometimes, challenging) process of searching for your ideal property across different cities or towns. Unlike searching within a singular location, city hunting involves casting a wider net, exploring diverse urban landscapes and the unique housing options they offer. This approach prioritizes finding the perfect fit – a city that aligns with your lifestyle, budget, and long-term goals – rather than settling for what’s readily available in your immediate vicinity. This can involve researching various cities, visiting them for firsthand experience, and comparing factors like cost of living, job opportunities, community vibe, and, of course, the available real estate market. It’s an adventure that demands flexibility, research, and a willingness to step outside your comfort zone, potentially leading to hidden gems and fulfilling your dream of finding the perfect city to call home.

What To Do Before House Hunting

Before setting up for exploring the city for a possible place of residence, there are a few but important factors to consider. These will help the house hunter to keep focused and eventually find the right fit.


Knowing how much a house hunter can afford is an essential first step. While it is true that having a knowledge of must-haves in looking for a home, it is important to determine how much will be provided for this important purchase. If possible, buy a house paid in cash or mortgage payment which includes private mortgage insurance, HOA, property taxes and homeowner’s insurance is not more than 25% of your take-home pay. In the process, potential home buyers might seek the help of a mortgage lender to assist in determining the budget. Moreover, getting pre-qualified gives the house hunter an idea of how large of a mortgage he might qualify for to assess financial adjustments he has to undertake.


It is important to know what the house hunter wants in a house before the actual house hunting. It helps to list down must haves in your new home. It will help one concentrate when browsing through online listings as well as going to open houses. Another helpful tip is to be mindful of the structural characteristics of a property that will be difficult to address rather than minor cosmetic flaws that may be addressed with simple solutions.


A house hunter should not feel compelled to choose a house that does not feel right just because of other’s opinions or for acting based on emotions. When purchasing a home, the house hunter should feel that it is entirely their on based on their resources as well as their wants and needs.

What Are the Best Apps and Websites for House Hunting?

The house hunting process had never been easier thru some of the best property apps for Android and iOS. These property apps focus on key areas involved in the house hunting process. The online process is a great way to save on time and resources prior to actual house hunting.


Moneywise is the app recommended for Android users. It is billed as an electronic checkbook to help keep track of expenses. In fact, it was named by Lifehacker as the best budget-tracking app for Android users in 2012.

Mint is an app for iOS users and is one of the top-rated budgeting apps and what’s good about it is it comes with no cost.


Glossary of Real Estate Terms for Android users will be most helpful for first time house hunters, complex real estate jargon may be a bit confusing. However, one may be equipped with a better understanding of the technical, industry-specific terms through .

Kaplan Real Estate Terms app is another app that hosts more than 600 commonly used terms. However, it is available at a cost.

Managing Loan

Karl’s Mortgage Calculator is one of the best free options for Android users among the numerous mortgage calculators that may be found online. The app user will just need to provide a few simple details such as the down payment, principal, interest and term and it will already be able to calculate the amount of mortgage one will need.

Mortgage Calculator is another app for free for iOS users.

Finding the Dream Home

Realtor.com is the official website of the National Association of REALTORS or NAR. It helps millions of first-time homebuyers as well as house hunters across the country to find their perfect home. The platform has a user-friendly interface, making it easy to sort through available properties like house and lot for sale in San Pedro City in Laguna. It pays attention to the small details that matter to a first-time homebuyer. Their listing includes the most up-to-date information of the property from the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), as well as an overview on the home price over the years.

Zillow is another app that allows one to explore millions of listings online without the headache. Their platform allows to filter online search, contact real estate professionals, and explore mortgage options. 

Homefinder.com is another app that provides homebuyers with an interactive online experience to find available properties. App users may be able to search homes for sale, nearby foreclosures, off-market listings, and rent to own properties in one place. Although the website’s capabilities are limited compared to other house-hunting websites, it provides visibility into which homes are available that wouldn’t be found anywhere else.

Redfin is an that works to redefine the real estate market to favor buyers at every stage of the homebuying journey. The information shown on all of their listings includes information from the MLS, as well as information on transportation for those currently without a vehicle. It is specially helpful to first time home buyers. A Redfin Agent can help the house hunter navigate the process by walking one through showings, finding similar properties that fall within the buyer’s budget, and provide insights one needs to know as a first-time homebuyer. The home seller typically covers the agent’s commission, but Redfin listings share how much of a percentage that will be. In addition, it allows home buyers looking for a home in a hot housing market to see how many other homebuyers are looking at the exact same property one is interested in.

Homes.com provides a simplified way to find for sale properties in a house hunter’s preferred location. The information on the listing is pulled from the MLS site and constantly updated to reflect relevant information. Interest in learning more about the neighborhood by connecting with local experts is addressed by contacting nearby real estate professionals familiar with the area directly on the site.


House hunting in recent years is no longer limited to onsite searches that includes going to open house. Initial stages in house hunting may be done through the use of technology. A house hunter would simply need to identify his resources, needs and wants to be guided in what to look for in a house and its location. Activities as well as apps that involve learning something about a particular place are readily available through apps and other online facilities that assist a house hunter in the process. House hunting may be an enjoyable process when done with the right facilities.

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