Investing in Homes in the Philippines

By: Crown Asia

Despite the effects and cost of the COVID-19 pandemic on the sales of many industries big and small in the nation, the real estate market continues to thrive, especially in the business of selling domestic properties such as houses and condominiums. Investors seeking to invest in a house and lot for sale in the Philippines are sure to make a profit in response to the predicted demand in the future.

According to BusinessWorld in their article about Colliers’ prediction of the state of the Philippine real estate market in 2022, the residential segment of the market is expected to boom until the end of the year.

The demand for apartments, townhomes/townhouses, and other forms of residential properties is anticipated to rise, with an approximate unit count of 9,610 being potentially sold in the latter half of 2022. Despite the decline in rents, landlords and property owners should be relieved to know that rents and prices will increase throughout the year alongside the decline in the number of vacancies based on relevant information.

For investors, below are three arguments as to why now is the time to consider capitalizing on the homes in the Philippines.

The Return of Foreign Employees will Boost House Sales

As on-site work slowly continues to return regardless of the pandemic, more opportunities in the economic sector have grown alongside it. This in turn means the return of foreign employees back to the Philippines, who would then require housing of their own and maybe even their own communities.

Real estate sellers and landowners who possess or are looking to invest in residential properties can then use this information to prepare for the incoming wave of potential residents from abroad, taking into consideration the possible spike in demand. If the current trend of the opening of many industries in the economic sector continues, investors are sure to reap the benefit of more properties being leased in response to the rising number of foreign personnel. Of course, this would also mean that local workers will also be contributing to this boom when some will rent condominiums/apartments in response to the return of on-site work.

While the details behind this prediction are yet to be observed in the long-term 2022, it is still safe to assume that a need for living spaces will indeed appear, and thus would necessitate purchases on the aforementioned type of properties.

The Mass Housing Market is Expecting a Boom due to the Pandemic

With the realization that city life in Metro Manila is detrimental to one’s health, especially during the pandemic, many prospective homeowners have opted to invest in quality houses in locations farther away from the cities using cash from their Pag-IBIG fund. This would lead to an increase in the amount of investments for houses and vacant lots for sale, which smart real estate investors can then utilize to their advantage.

A prospective landowner can opt to fund a preexisting property for the purpose of renting it out to possible tenants.

Real estate brokers and agents may also utilize this opportunity to proceed with selling properties to interested personnel, especially those who have a family of their own.

This in turn would lead to an expansion in the number of residential developments in locations outside major cities, which owners of vacant lots can also take advantage of to sell their lot area at a premium price to a large company or a small-time one.

As COVID-19 continues to highlight the problems of living in cities, it is presumed by experts in the real estate market that the need will only increase by the end of the year.

Future Infrastructure Plans by the Government may Increase Housing Demands

Several leading agents in real estate development have emphasized the importance of modernizing many of the preexisting infrastructures in the Philippines along with the construction of new ones in somewhat isolated locations. If massive reforms are made within the current administration, new opportunities for profit will manifest and many investors can take reap significant earnings.

The renewal of the Philippines National Railways (PNR) Train Systems is one project that is being eyed by some real estate development companies since it would allow for a better incentive in not only hastening the rate at which new private communities and houses are built but the number of families willing to live in areas outside of major metropolises such as Metro Manila.

Investors would not have an easier time planning out new properties to build, but they would also be able to plan further and more accurately ahead in the future due to the potential commercial growth it would induce, resulting in more people moving into the location in question.

For these potential projects to be viable, however, the quality of the government infrastructure plans must be excellent, something that may vary depending on the professional acumen of the government employees in charge.

Due to the hypothetical state of these proposed plans, however, time will tell if they will ever actually be implemented, and thus investors should instead consider keeping an eye and ear out for any new information disclosed about these topics.

In conclusion, there are three recent reasons why investing in Philippine homes or house for sale can be a viable prospect in the long run: the resurgence of on-site work resulting in the return of a foreign workforce, the sudden rise in the mass housing market due to the pandemic, and possible major government reforms in infrastructure and transportation.

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