Crown Asia The Premium Brand of Vista Land Premium Real Estate Developer In The Philippines

Know more about Crown Asia (FAQs)

1. Why should I purchase a Crown Asia property?

Crown Asia prides itself as the premium residential arm of Vista Land and Lifescapes, Inc. providing themed-community for the young professionals looking for their future home or solid property investment for 25 years. The properties are strategically located near essential establishments like grocery stores, schools, hospitals and major road thoroughfares.


2. Where can I find the properties?

Themed house and lot developments like Ponticelli and Valenza are located in Alabang and Sta. Rosa, Laguna, while stylish condominium units are located in Makati, Mandaluyong, and Ortigas Center.


3. What are the product offerings?

Crown Asia offers residential properties like house and lot units, lots only and condominium units. We also have ready for occupancy homes for those who wish to move in right away. 


4. How can I buy a property?

You can start your journey of owning a Crown Asia home by checking our properties page HERE and proceed with the Online reservation form HERE.


5. What are the payment options?

  • Reservation Payment
    • Online Payment - InstaPay x AllBank, PesoPay, Qwikwire
    • Over-the-counter as bills payment - Security Bank, UnionBank
*Direct Deposit to Corporate Bank Accounts is no longer encouraged
    • International Partners - Qwikwire, PNB Overseas Bills Payment System, Optimum Exchange Remit, Inc., RCBC Telemoney
  • Downpayment and Amortization
    • Online Payment - AllEasy, InstaPay x AllBank, Qwikwire
    • Over-the-counter as bills payment - AllBank, BDO, Security Bank, UnionBank
    • International Partners - Qwikwire, PNB Overseas Bills Payment System, Optimum Exchange Remit, Inc., RCBC Telemoney
  • Auto Debit Arrangement
    • BDO


6. How can I schedule a property viewing?

Our website features a schedule appointment option to properly endorse your property viewing schedule. Fill up the necessary details and wait for a response from our sales officer.


7. I’m a broker, how can I be accredited to sell Crown Asia’s projects?

Prepare the necessary documents such as your Broker’s license and other Identification papers and head on to our Seller’s Accreditation page on our website and fill up the necessary details.


8. How can I get updated with the latest inventories and offerings from Crown Asia?

It will be best to follow our social media accounts for the latest updates as well as visiting our official dropbox for the latest materials and pricelists.

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