Come and join the fun as we launch the Summerfest at Fortezza, Lakefront, and La Marea!

By: Crown Asia

Join us for this three-part summer event as we launch new Ready for Occupancy units at Fortezza on May 15, ideal for homeowners who want to experience the American and Italian lifestyle!

On May 18, be there for our Summer Tour as we show you what our master-planned city, Lakefront, has to offer to everyone of all ages!

Part 1: The Fortezza RFO Units Launch (May 15)

Mark your calendars for May 15 as we kick off this spectacular summer journey. Join us for the grand launch of our brand-new Ready for Occupancy units at Fortezza, where we’re bringing the American and Italian lifestyle right to your doorstep! If you’ve ever dreamt of living in a home that combines the charm of American architecture with the elegance of Italian design, then Fortezza is the place to be. Discover the essence of luxury living as you explore these stunning homes, thoughtfully crafted for those who desire the best of both worlds.

Part 2: Lakefront Summer Tour (May 18)

On May 18, it’s time to embark on a captivating Summer Tour of our master-planned city, Lakefront. Whether you’re young or young at heart, Lakefront has something for everyone. From scenic lakeside views to vibrant community spaces, we’ll show you what makes Lakefront the ideal destination for all ages. Explore the countless recreational amenities, lush parks, and serene lakeshores that make Lakefront a true gem in the heart of the city. Join us for an exciting journey that will leave you enamored by Lakefront’s boundless possibilities.

Part 3: Garden Fest at La Marea (Date TBA)

To conclude this unforgettable summer celebration, stay tuned for the date of our Garden Fest at La Marea, where we bring you up close and personal with the beauty of nature. The La Marea open space will be transformed into a botanical wonderland, featuring lush gardens, vibrant blooms, and serene outdoor spaces. Immerse yourself in the tranquility of this green oasis, and let nature’s charm enchant your senses.

This summer, Crown Asia is not just offering you homes; we’re inviting you to experience a lifestyle like never before. Join us for these three extraordinary events, and let us redefine the way you celebrate the season. Keep an eye on our updates for more details, and get ready to embrace the magic of May with Crown Asia!”

Finally, cap it off with our Garden Fest as you visit the La Marea open space as we feature nature up close!