Breaking Barriers | 2024 Crown Asia Sales Kickoff

By: Iane Mance

To kick off another year of success and triumph, today, January 12, 2024, at Mango Grove in The Island Park, “Breaking Barriers: 2024 Crown Asia Sales Kickoff” unfolded. Partners were given a sneak peek into what awaits them in 2024. Crown Asia set the tone for the year with updates for its business partners.

Themed as an Olympics-type event, each partner group was designated a specific sport as their costume. The Olympics is a collection of the best in the world, highlighting the values of hard work, teamwork, and friendly competition that Crown Asia aims for its partners. Furthermore, they also performed a chant they created, and the best chant won a special prize.

Mr. Eric Manalo, an international sales expert, author of two eBooks, and a renowned speaker for various real estate organizations, graced partners and speakers to share his expertise and insights on the real estate industry and sales, particularly on the power of synergy, and hitting goals and targets.

Crown Asia’s marketing team announced project launches that will happen in 2024. These project launches bring forward new opportunities for Crown Asia itself and its partners. Afterward, Crown Asia’s new marketing directory was unveiled, showing the partners the new setup for Crown Asia’s marketing department. 

Crown Asia equipped its sales partners with exciting incentives and promos, including the Strike Gold Horizontal and Vertical incentives.

Crown Asia presented its sales networks with the Championship Cup, a symbol of the one who came out victorious and the network with the most sales contributions for the quarter. The sales networks also provided their commitments for their 2024 sales initiatives. 

As the night concluded, Crown Asia’s Division Head, Ms. Shatty Paredes, delivered its closing remarks, offering inspiring words to ensure that this year surpasses the achievements of the last.

2023 was marked by triumphs and fulfilled promises, it’s time to break barriers in 2024.