Vista Land Supports Earth Hour 2013

By: Crown Asia

No one understands the importance of home better than Vista Land. Through the years, we have provided Filipino families not just houses but homes designed with love, where families grow and flourish and where together they welcome all the goodness and beauty that life has to offer. But the concept of home is larger than just one family, community, or nation. Home is our planet, one created with such glorious beauty but also one that now needs our help as good stewards of creation.

While we enjoy Earth’s bounty, we must also remember our responsibility to protect our home for our children’s future and for the many generations still to come. Let us join together with the family of nations and unite for this single purpose of caring for our home.

Earth Hour 2013 will be on March 23, 2013, at 8:30 PM wherever you are in the world. Visit www.earthhour.org and learn how you can help.