#TakeMeToSantorini : Touchdown Santorini

by Warren Ace Leonida

Touchdown Santorini


How well do you measure time? There’s the occasional peek at your Rolex watch
or a glance at the clock just hanging above your newly painted wall, some use a song
to measure time e.g. taking a bath takes about 4 songs or maybe jogging around the
neighborhood takes the whole Michael Jackson discography. Whatever activity you take
one must look into how much time to invest in order to maximize and use your time to
its fullest potential. Here, we listed down some activities and the time spent doing it plus
what can you achieve from Santorini at the same given time.


10 minutes – In about 10 minutes you can browse the Internet for a travel
destination. In connection to this, you can might as well pack your bags and go on
an actual adventure because in 8 minutes you can drive from your home to SLEX
or South Luzon Expressway and explore the wonders of the South. Indulge
yourself in the beaches and greeneries of the South in just a few hours time.

15 minutes – Ready those bikinis, sunscreen, and traveling kits because in 15
minutes you can pack for a 3-day vacation in any chosen destination, in 15
minutes, Santorini can make your planned vacation a reality due to its
proximity to NAIA the main airport of the country.

20 minutes – is enough time to scroll thru your chosen online stores to buy a
a specific product, but in 20 minutes you can traverse the Skyway road system to
go to Makati and Pasay and choose from a wide variety of shopping stores and
lifestyle centers which is sure to satisfy your shopaholic desires.

30 minutes – of research is enough to plan your next trip. Wonders of the North
or the Marvels of the South? It can go either way because in just 30 minutes you
can access the C5 road and go to whether the North or South and enjoy a stress-free
and satisfy your wanderlust in no time.


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