Spending your First Christmas Together as a New Couple

by Anna Lucas


Spending your first Christmas as husband and wife is definitely something to look forward to. Since holidays are all
about the family and loved ones, this year’s holiday season will be a milestone as you will be spending it with your own family. However, you will soon realize that the first Christmas together is not always a walk in the park. As a couple, Christmas get-togethers have doubled, and Gift Buying have multiplied. You also feel lost with what to do with your new home, since your previous families seem to already have a smooth process for spending holidays.


Soon, you are fearing that your first Christmas in your home in Lakefront, Sucat will not be memorable at all – but a daunting task that you hope would be over very, very soon. Despite the initial shock of the actual hardwork that goes through the holidays, here are some reminders and tips on how to make yours truly special as a new couple.


Buy your Christmas Decors Together

Your first Christmas together should start with buying the decors together for your Crown Asia home. Despite the busy schedules, you should find time to do this as a couple – and not just assign it to you or your spouse. Decorating your home together will let you feel that this is indeed a milestone – a symbolic start of a new page in your book.


Make new traditions

The dilemma of new couples during their first Christmas is which tradition to adapt with the new family since both grew up to certain traditions in their previous families. You and your partner should actually sit down and talk about how you want to spend Christmas together. You may opt to follow one tradition from your own family and one from your partner’s. You may also do totally new ones. The important thing here is that you do not just impose on what you want and what you were used to do when you were growing up.


His Family or Her Family

Aside from figuring out which tradition to follow during the holidays, you also need to talk about which family you will be spending it with. There is no right way to do this – you just have to find out what works for you. Most couples try to spend Christmas with his family then New Year with her family (or vice versa). Other couples alternate it every year – Christmas with his family this year, then Christmas with her family next year. While others visit both families during Christmas day – his family for lunch and her family for dinner. Again, there is no one way to do this – but the important thing is you spend it together as a new family.


The first Christmas together should not be an overwhelming task – it should be magical and enjoyable. Remember that Christmas is about love and family. And now that you have your own, you should start making your own magical season.

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