Settling Into Your New Home As Newly Weds

by Anna Lucas

After the wedding dress has been boxed, gifts have been opened and the cake has been eaten, the newly-wed couples
now settle into their new home in The Lakefront. Whether it is moving in with the spouse’s family or settling into their own condo, most couples realize that married life is not a fairy tale. The first few months of living together is usually a difficult adjustment for both parties as they learn about each others nuances at home.

Hearing the horror stories of married friends will make any person dread moving in together with his/her life partner. However, adjustment to the married life need not be difficult. Below are a few tips and reminders that will make settling into your new Crown Asia home a breeze.


Your Home is Also Your Spouse’s Home
Most difficulties of couples’ stem from their mindset. They impose their own styles and rules and expect their partner to simply adjust to it. As a result, one spouse often feel that he/she is just a guest in their new home and act that way.

Always remember that it is both your home no matter who is moving in. Don’t ask him to throw away his toys or don’t ask her to give away her shoes. Find a way to integrate both what you love into your house.

To make your space both your own, start with the interior design. Don’t make your home too much a diva depot or too much a man cave. Choose an interior color theme that fits both your personalities. Add personal effects which you both had before you got married.


Set House Rules
Another common mistake of couples is not sitting down and setting their own house rules. As a result, they bring in
their habits from their childhood homes, which sometimes irritates their partners. One example is the experience of a newly-wed wherein the husband wanted his own cutlery while the wife wanted a uniform set. Though, this may seem trivial, differences like this adds up and becomes irritants to each other.

Remember, though, do not just impose your own rules. Discuss this with your spouse and come up with your own set of rules. You may not be able to cover all the littlest details at the onset, but deal with your fetishes and main irritants. Find something that you both can live with. This is also a good mark of your new life together.


Divide The Chores

Most wives complain that they used to be princesses in their childhood homes, and instead of becoming queens after
the wedding, they become the housemaids. Though the wife manages the household, it does not mean that she should do all the chores.

Remember that both of you live in the house. No one should act as a guest. Before moving in, agree on the chores list
that each of you should do. List it down so you can see if each has a fair share.

Wedding bliss should not end on the wedding day. It should be part of your home every single day. These tips above
will help moving into your new Crown Asia home seem like a honeymoon.

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