How to Prepare a Romantic Dinner in Your Home

by Anna Lucas


It is only a few weeks after Valentines Day, yet it feels already like ages ago. Gone are the cheesy music that kept on playing on the radio, as well as the love bug that seemed to have caught on every retail store in the mall. It is now back to business as usual, with work taking up every minute of the time again.

When we do decide to breathe and look up from our piles and piles of paper work that seem to drown us every single day, we sometimes let our minds wander to just a few weeks ago when love was in the air. It never ceases to put a smile to our face when we think about the romantic dinner and the quiet evening that we spent with our partner last February 14. It seems like the only time of the year when we allow ourselves to be sappy and sentimental, and take a breather from all the stress we get from living our daily lives.

BUT, we must always remember that it does not need to be Valentines to keep the romance going. We don’t need to wait another year before we revitalize our personal relationships. In fact, we can make a simple meal in our home in Lakefront in urbanized Sucat into a romantic one with just a few touches.



The Set Up

If we are planning a romantic night with our partner, we should consider sending the kids off to their grandparents or to some slumber party. Admit it, while we love our kids very much, achieving a romantic ambiance is a bit difficult if Junior is screaming for milk, or Baby wants a change of diaper. It may also be best to make sure our partners are home and free on the night we wish to stage an amorous night. All the preparation and hard work will just go to waste if our partner has a late night board meeting with the Director from Europe or America or some other country that wacks up our local timeframe.



The Ambiance

Fortunately, living in a development like Crown Asia’s Marina Heights or the new Santorini in Lakefront makes it easy to achieve the ambiance we are aiming for. What could be more romantic than stepping into an Italian inspired community. After all, Italy is probably the capital of Romance. Just make sure though the lawn and the house are neat and clean. The passionate mood can easily be ruined by clutter. Other musts in setting up the ambiance are dimmed lights, candle lights and good china.



The Food

Remember that the point of the romantic dinner is spending time with each other. So if time and skills in the kitchen are an issue, taking out food is not taboo. Lakefront has great restaurants that can provide the perfect food for the night such as Blue Ginger, Dumbo and Coffee Project. Wine seems to be a staple for a dinner like this, but we can always be more adventurous like serving Scotch or Tequila or Shirley Temple or whatever we fancy. There are no rules since this is our home. If again, time is still an issue even for take-out food , whatever the dinner is during that night, served in delicate china, will suffice.



At the end of the day, it’s not about the food nor the ambiance. It’s about each other. So enjoy the quiet time at home and keep the spark alive. Enjoy!

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