Nilo’s Rags to Riches Story

By: Crown Asia

Vista Land hails heroes of hard work and diligence, people who have risen above and beyond the limits of their circumstances. These are remarkable people who, because of love for family, have single-mindedly pursued their dreams of a better life but have gone far beyond to achieve extraordinary lives with great stories to tell. They are the backbone of Vista Land, the people who drive our company forward to reach every goal and milestone we collectively aim for.

One such hero is Nilo Omillo. His is a true rags-to-riches story that inspires all of us to strive more, knowing our company, Vista Land, will always have our back. Nilo tells of the obstacles he had to face, the death of his father, the poverty that he had to struggle with being the eldest of five siblings, the odd jobs he had to take while trying to get an education; the days and nights of grueling work and finally, the road to success. Watch as Nilo narrates how he has emerged triumphantly from a poor young man of no means but perseverance into one of the most successful and respected brokers at Vista Land.