early holiday preparations how and where to begin the early holiday preparations

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The Start of "Ber" Months: How and Where to Begin the Early Holiday Preparations

September 23, 2022 by Gabriel Javellana

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The start of September is something special. An indication of the “-ber months” and a few sleeps away to Halloween and the most wonderful time of every year, Christmas. Although Christmas is the most celebrated season out of Halloween, indicated by many malls bringing out the Christmas décor to honor our tradition of the “-ber months” preparations that our country is known for, and putting it in the first row for sale in every department store.


Still, it is not out of place for both seasons to coexist in public shopping spaces, which is excellent for companies to market it. For example, the classic movie, “The Nightmare Before Christmas,” blending the two themes and games into Tim Burton’s creative wackiness.


skull wearing santa hat


Nevertheless, Halloween or Christmas, you have two to three months to prepare for the holidays. The whole thing requires serious planning. This article will help guide you throughout this process. The earlier you accomplish this, the better and smooth the following months will be.


You want to avoid the buyer’s rush, especially the last minute shopping, because that will cause a lot of headaches and drama. The holiday must be pure happiness and a jolly fun time all throughout, so we got you covered on all the essentials.


It all comes down to you and your loved ones preferences, so this guide will hit the main points as much as possible for the best holiday season.


Where and how to begin this three month journey? Well, the first step that we will highlight might come as a shocker for you. It is a simple one, yet highly effective for any situation, that includes your personal life and work life.


Here are some tips to make the holiday preparations and stress free within your holiday budget:



First: Plan Out Your Busy Holiday Season

Yes, you may have traditions with your family and friends, yet planning ahead of time is a good practice to lay all down your plans. Either on paper or on a computer with a planner.


holiday planner


The good old fashioned checklist still works, especially if you are the type of person who has many ideas. Write all down the things you want to do for the holidays and you won't be feeling overwhelmed through out the busy holiday season.


Don’t even think about writing down the specific days you need to accomplish in that to do list. Instead, focus on the easier tasks as your first priority, like the house decorations or getting the good old gift bags and wrapping paper. Gathering and preparing them is fairly easy to do. You just need one whole day to do it, since you can reuse your annual decorations.


It would also help with the holiday season if you set an early holiday budget that includes the gifts, food, and trips that might happen. By having that holiday budget you can allocate it to which part of the plan you will spend the most. From the guest list to preparing enough food for the whole family, and the trip for the holidays.



Next Step: Holiday Shopping


christmas shopping


Now, holiday shopping is the very source of your holiday stress. To remedy that, prepare a holiday budget and a gift list. But always remember, you know deep down in your heart and mind what your loved ones truly desire. Besides your ever warming presence, your thoughts behind your gifts boosts that effort of giving it to them.


There are millions of gift ideas, depending on what your closest friends and family members are interested in. You could always buy gifts for them the latest technology in the market, new clothing (based on the trends), or even a condo property for sale in some of the finest cities in Metro Manila. Buying either of these things before the Christmas rush is a great feat.


Simply because you can capitalize on the current pricing and promo deals, before their eventual festive season increase, and it beats the drama that will ensue when getting the holiday hot item in December. Yup, value for gifts is also a great feat. The last month of the year transitions into a New Year very soon and you will be glad to know that value jumps up tremendously at a flick of a calendar page.


Any of your gifts is valued for its personal and sentimental traits, that is a given to your transactions with your loved ones. But, a great benefit is the monetary value growth, and a condo property or a house-and-lot can be the perfect gift in the holiday season. It covers all value fronts and you can even turn it into a business venture through rental opportunities!


Furthermore, the next question you need to answer is the most important part of the holiday prep: where you should celebrate the holidays.


Perhaps, the most important question and step in the whole guide. Again, just like the gift giving part, you have certain traditions in place for this, especially with your family. You got the usual spots in your holiday traditions, so that is automatically your number one on the list.


You got the details and dates pretty much locked down for this, so set your calendar for that.

christmas celebration


Of course, you got to make time for your friends, talk with them when they are free to head out for your personalized Christmas Party. This is where the question comes in. We suggest Bonifacio Global City in Taguig. BGC is great for holding your hangouts there, since the entire place holds many holiday-themed events. Bonifacio High Street is one of the common places for such an event and even displays their tall Christmas Tree in the middle for all to see.


If huge open spaces are not your thing, you can check out Vista Mall Taguig, which hosts their events inside their lobby. They too are well-known for events similar to Bonifacio High Street, albeit on a smaller scale. They also have an events place in front of their mall for an alfresco version, but the space is small enough so that it isn’t too big.


There are more places you can visit during the holidays, such as in Laguna, Tagaytay, and Bacoor, Cavite, which provides the provincial escape right out the gate. So you better plan ahead in order to get the best spots or a specific day where the traffic flow is smooth and not too crowded


There is always a second option, if some are not available or a specific day is not aligned with your free schedules, you can always celebrate at the comfort of your own home. All of your friends and family enjoying food and drinks together or you can continue your warmest conversations online. Keeping the holidays digitally connected.


christmas preparation


These are just simple steps to partake in your holiday planning. You could have some of these things in mind prior to reading this, but at least, these would serve as reminders for you to keep.


The holidays are truly special, especially if you have been working hard all year to get the best things for your loved ones, and don’t forget, yourself. Enjoy a well-deserved break after a long year. Advanced happy holidays to you all!



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