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Crown Asia The Premium Brand of Vista Land Premium Real Estate Developer In The Philippines

Places to Visit in Baguio this Love Month

February 9, 2021 by Ma. Angelica Racelis

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The weather in the Philippines is typically hot and humid all year round. This makes Baguio City a favorite go-to place for vacations because of its cool and breezy weather. It is a great destination for families to unwind and spend a leisurely time away from the bustling metro. With its cuddle weather and many scenic attractions, Baguio is also a loved destination by couples who are fond of adventure trips.  


After months of closing its borders to non-residents, Baguio City has now again opened its doors to tourists who want to visit the Summer Capital of the Philippines for leisure purposes. This month of love why not take time away from the busy city and explore the beauty that is Baguio City. Crown Asia has listed down some of the top destinations that you and your loved ones can visit when you go to Baguio City.


What places to visit in Baguio?


Baguio Cathedral


Places to Visit in Baguio this Love Month 1


For devout Catholics, you can start your day by visiting the famous Baguio Cathedral better known as Our Lady of Atonement Cathedral located atop a hill in the heart of the city. If you would like to hear mass at the church before you begin your day, the service starts at 5:00 am for the Ilocano language and 6:00 am for the English mass, with hourly mass up until 6:00 pm. Churchgoers need not worry about their safety as the church is properly disinfected from time to time, and social distancing is strictly implemented. As an added safety measure, be sure to register your names upon entry for contract tracing purposes.


Pink Sister's Chapel


Places to Visit in Baguio this Love Month 2


Second on the list is the Pink Sister's Convent and Chapel. Pink Sister’s Chapel is known to tourists because of its warm pink hue. It is located along Brent Road, beside the Brent International School, and in close proximity to Crown Asia’s Brenthill Baguio. This beautiful chapel exudes a welcoming vibe where wandering tourists can take refuge. Should you wish to visit Pink Sister’s on a Sunday, you can hear mass in the chapel at 7:00 am, 11:30 am, and 5:00 pm.


Strawberry Farm at La Trinidad


Places to Visit in Baguio this Love Month 3


A Baguio trip would not be complete without strawberries! Visit La Trinidad’s Strawberry Farm where you can pick your strawberries to eat and take home. This activity is made even more enjoyable because of Baguio’s breezy weather. After picking strawberries, take a break and refresh yourself with the strawberry ice cream and strawberry taho sold in the vicinity. Aside from strawberries, you can also buy fresh vegetables and other fruits from local vendors nearby.


DarJane's Garden


Places to Visit in Baguio this Love Month 4Places to Visit in Baguio this Love Month 5


Another budding tourist spot in La Trinidad is DarJane's Garden. If you love flowers and prefer a more serene and calming destination, this might just be the perfect place for you. Aside from the scenic views, DarJane’s Garden also boasts of different kinds of plants like Sunflowers, Poinsettias, and a wide variety of potted plants. An entrance fee is collected before entering the area – P150 for adults, P120 for students, senior citizens, and PWDs, and P50 for children 8-10 years of age. This fee is already inclusive of a breakfast meal consisting of sweet potato and cheesy pandesal and unlimited coffee.


Bamboo Sanctuary


Places to Visit in Baguio this Love Month 6Places to Visit in Baguio this Love Month 7


Baguio’s Bamboo Sanctuary is one of the newest attractions in the city. This picturesque spot opened its doors to the public in 2019. The Bamboo Sanctuary mimics Japan’s iconic Arashiyama Bamboo Grove in Kyoto. It is located in Liteng, Pacdal road which is a 15 to 20-minute drive from Burnham Park. The park showcases different species of bamboos that are planted along the eco-park pathways. It is a perfect place to take Instagram-worthy photos that will have your followers thinking you have traveled to another country.


Old Diplomat Hotel


Places to Visit in Baguio this Love Month 8 v2


If you like the paranormal, then a visit to the Old Diplomat Hotel is a must. This old ruin is believed to be one of the most haunted places in the Philippines. It was built in 1913 as a Dominican retreat house but was turned into a refugee camp during World War II. Later on, the camp was invaded by Japanese soldiers and here it was believed that they committed various heinous acts of brutality and torture to their captives. In the 70s, the building was converted into the beautiful Diplomat Hotel but was shut down and left abandoned in the 80s. Because of its eerie atmosphere, numerous documentaries were filmed here trying to prove that this hotel really is haunted. Most guests who visited the Diplomat Hotel would also tell their chilling experiences while in the vicinity. Despite the endless unexplainable ghost stories, locals, as well as tourists, are still fond of its magnificent structure until today.


Lourdes Grotto


Places to Visit in Baguio this Love Month 9Places to Visit in Baguio this Love Month 10


The best place to watch the sunset under the cool breezy weather of Baguio is at Our Lady of Lourdes Grotto located at Mirador Hill. To reach the shrine, guests must take an uphill climb of 252 steps. When you reach the top of the stairs it is a tradition to light a candle for your prayers and life wishes. Many locals believe that when you visit Baguio, you have to make sure that you visit the catholic shrine before you leave the city to have a blessed trip back home.


Burnham Park


Places to Visit in Baguio this Love Month 11


A Baguio trip would not be complete without a stroll in the ever-famous Burnham Bark. Popular activities in the park include boat and bicycle rides. The best walks you can take here are during the night when the area is lighted by hundreds of sphere lights that illuminate the dazzling landscape of the park.


Where to eat in Baguio?


Vizco's Restaurant and Café Shop


Places to Visit in Baguio this Love Month 13


Vizco’s Restaurant and Café Shop is a loved food spot by both locals and tourists. They offer a wide variety of breakfast menus but they are most famous for their strawberry shortcake – a sweet dessert that features the staple Baguio city fruit. Another must-try specialty is their Strawberry French Macaroon cake which will be available starting this February.


Grumpy Joe


Places to Visit in Baguio this Love Month 14Places to Visit in Baguio this Love Month 15


Grumpy Joe, located along Gibraltar Road near Mines View Park, features beautiful aesthetics that match Baguio City’s picturesque views. It is a perfect lunch spot with good food and an even better ambiance. They offer a wide selection of dishes that can satisfy every family member’s cravings – salad, pizza, pasta, chicken dishes, and dessert.


Vanilla Café


Places to Visit in Baguio this Love Month 16


The Vanilla Café is a vintage French-inspired cafe located at Villamor Street, Barangay Lualhati, Kamiseta Hotel. The café is known for its beautiful interior design that really is picture-worthy. Tucked in a picturesque setting, they offer hot and cold refreshments as well as cakes and pastries. This is a good place to visit after your busy day of touring the city.


Outlook Steak and Grill


Places to Visit in Baguio this Love Month 17 v2


Another good restaurant to visit in Baguio is the Outlook Steak and Grill at Sierra Pines Hotel. It has a wide selection of western cuisine but their signature dish is the Sous Vide Steak. Aside from their sumptuous meals, Outlook Steak and Grill is also known for its picturesque views of Baguio’s pine trees which guests can enjoy while dining.


Dine under the sky at SM City Baguio


Places to Visit in Baguio this Love Month 18


Last on the list is a newly opened food spot, Dine Under the Sky at SM Baguio. This is a new dine-in feature that SM City Baguio introduced this year which can be found in the Sky Terrace. Dine Under the Sky provides a new dining experience as guests here dine inside skydomes made of acetate walls giving them a clear view of the surrounding greeneries and night sky. Should you wish to try this experience, make sure that you book a reservation first through SM City Baguio’s official Facebook page.


Where to stay in Baguio?

With Baguio City being a popular tourist destination, you are sure to find various accommodations in every corner of the city – from hotels to transient homes. If you are looking to make Baguio City your permanent vacation address, why not invest in your own Baguio home. This gives you the freedom to visit Baguio without worrying about your accommodation especially in peak seasons.


Places to Visit in Baguio this Love Month 19


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