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Movie Binge Watching for Valentines Day

February 3, 2018 by Anna Lucas

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Updated as of February 13, 2023


Valentines day is the official day to be romantic and cheesy with your partner. Instead of braving the horrendous traffic and dealing with the long lines in the malls, consider spending this Day of Love in your home in Ponticelli, Daang Hari. What could be a better way to spend Valentines than snuggled up with your special someone, surrounded by lush and serene surroundings in an Italian-inspired neighborhood.


For that special romantic evening, here is a suggested list of Movies for your binge watching in your home in Ponticelli, Alabang.


Why watching a movie is an all time Valentine's day date go-to?


Valentine's day is a celebration not only enjoyed by romantically linked couples but also by people who just want to spend some time with the people they care and love, it may be their friend, best friend or their family and extend family not to mention our fur babies.


With how stressful going outside nowadays is specially with the unseen enemies of the COVID virus still looming upon us, its understandable that most people want to spend it indoors in their own unique way.


You can check out some of Crown Asia's suggestions on how to celebrate the Valentine's day indoors by click the hyperlinked text or you can go for a simple home movie date. Its cost efficient, can easily be set up and you can have a variety of ways to make it special, you can cook a meal you can both enjoy or even prepare a little set up in your backyard and watch a movie under the stars.


To help you out, we listed some movies you can consider for your movie date night.


The Classics of Romantic Movies


These are the love stories that have etched their iconic lines in pop culture history. Other romantic movie to mention here are Ghost, Notting Hill and modern masterpiece such as If Beale Street Could Talk.


Breakfast at Tiffanys


breakfast at tiffanys movie poster


Be enchanted with the iconic Holly Golightly with her perfectly coiffed hair,beautiful black dress and long cigarette. Breakfast at Tiffanys follows the story of Holly (played byAudrey Hepburn), a social climber who just wanted to find a wealthy husband. Of course, her plans were hindered when she met the broke writer next door.




casablanca movie poster


When we heard Humphrey Bogart’s character say the famous line “Of all the gin joints in all the towns in all the world, she walks into mine,” we already knew that this love story would not end well. Yet, this movie about Rick and Ilsa’s ill-fated romance set in the World War II era, is listed as one of the greatest films in history and worth watching again.


Roman Holiday


roman holiday movie poster


This film is Audrey Hepburn’s debut in the big screen. She plays the lovely Princess Ann, a European Crown Princess on a state visit to Rome. Princess Ann became increasingly frustrated with her scheduled and rigid life and escaped the embassy to enjoy Rome. She then roamed around the city with a reporter she met.


The Cute Movies to Watch


These are the guilty pleasures of the romance movies genre, most of these movies are romantic comedies that will give you the mix of warm romance and light hearted laughs. Popular rom com movies are When Harry Met Sally, Juno, and Crazy, Stupid, Love.


Pretty Woman


pretty woman movie poster


A rich handsome guy and a beautiful sex worker with morals – this is a modern Cinderella story that made Julia Roberts an American Sweetheart.


How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days


how to lose a guy in 10 days movie poster


A hilarious movie about a girl doing everything to lose her guy, and the guy doing everything to keep her.


The Wedding Singer


the wedding singer movie poster


The story of this movie is really quite simple: a wedding singer and a waitress meet and fall in love. But we were all entertained at how Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore unfolded this story. Oh and that song at the end – we just can’t stop singing it.


To All the Boys I've Loved Before


to all the boys ive loved before movie poster


This one is for the younger generation out there, its a cute film about a girl whose secret love letters are exposed making her love life a havoc. Its the perfect movie to warm your hearts on the night of Valentine's day.


My Best Friend's Wedding


my best friends wedding movie poster


This romantic comedy movie is a classic in its own right. It follows the story of Julia Roberts character as she sets her way to get his long time friend who recently revealed that he is going to get married. Its a fun, warm to the heart movie that will perfectly cap of a date night with your loved one.


The Waterworks That Will Make you Cry Like a Young Woman


Some of the best romantic movies of all time belongs to this kind of romance sub genre. These are the movies that will surely make you shed a tear.




titanic movie poster


A love story set aboard the RMS Titanic – known as the deadliest peacetime maritime disaster – is definitely a movie that needs a box of tissue.


The Notebook


the notebook movie poster


A Nicholas Sparks movie is synonymous to movies that bring out the waterworks. This one is about a great love story that is at the risk of being forgotten due to Dementia.


Somewhere in Time


somewhere in time theatrical movie poster


There are probably more movies out there that will bring the waterworks, but this 1980 film is memorable for its song. Despite its low rating in Rotten Tomatoes, it has several followers that meet each year to watch the movie – definitely something to pique your interest.


The Steamy


These are the type of romance movies that will surely set the mood for your Valentines night date!


Magic Mike


magic mike movie poster


Channing Tatum gyrating at the screen, nuff said.


Fifty Shades of Grey


fifty shades of grey theatrical movie poster


After this movie, you would probably head on over to the hardware and buy some cable ties.


Mr. & Mrs. Smith


mr mrs smith theatrical movie poster


This story is about two gorgeous individuals with big guns and lots of sexual tension.


There are multitude movies that you can watch during Valentines. So relax and pour that wine (or pop the beer) and enjoy your binge watching in your Crown Asia Home.


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