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Important Points to Consider Before Investing in a House and Lot for Sale in Sta Rosa Laguna

November 2, 2021

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Owning a home is always considered the most important investment in anybody’s life. Unfortunately, buying a real estate property never comes cheap. Being a worthy endeavor, investing in the property can be an exorbitant expense, depending on the property type you select. But this is not the case always, especially in the Philippines. The real estate business in this country is booming with comparatively low risks. Therefore, homeownership is one of the dreams that the majority of Filipinos can accomplish.


And when you want to invest in a property in the Philippines through some profitable ventures like the price appreciation of real estate, buying a preselling house and lot for sale in Sta Rosa Laguna is one of the best investment options you can consider. But if you are new in the Philippines, then this blog will help you to consider the important points before investing.




It is important to purchase the house and lot for sale in Bacoor Cavite from someone you trust. There are many free buy and sell websites in the Philippines that offer the no-scam feature.


Things to consider before buying a house and lot in Santa Rosa Laguna


1. Check the location of the property

The location is one of the important points that you must consider before purchasing the house and lot. No matter which part of the Philippines you want to buy the property, there is always a good location for you to consider.


2. Check the neighborhood

The cost of the property must not be the only factor that you have to consider before purchasing a specific house and lot for sale in Cabuyao Laguna. The security and safety of the property are two major things to check. This will help you to check the records of crime and other unpleasant incidents across the area to find out whether you are selecting the right neighborhood for yourself. Apart from that, it is also important to check the vicinity of the local area to check the present risks, which can affect your quality of living and safety.


3. Check the authenticity of property documents

Before investing in the property, check whether the legal documents like the transfer of certificate of title are authentic or not. You can do it by checking the “certified true copy” of the title right on the deeds of the register. It is also necessary to check the name of the owner and the title number so that you can request a certified copy. Remember, it will be your leverage for fortifying the legal claim of the property.


4. Check the credibility of the seller

It is important to purchase the house and lot for sale in Bacoor Cavite from someone you trust. There are many free buy-and-sell websites in the Philippines that offer the no-scam feature. Besides, you can also depend on the referrals of your family members and friends. This will help you to ensure that your investments are in good hands. But before you invest, don’t forget to inspect the property thoroughly to check whether the property is mortgaged or not. This will help you to be assured of the time of turn-over and the quality of the property.


5. Check the resale value of the property

While the majority of the people purchase homes for living in, some purchase properties as investments as the value of the properties increase over time. But no matter for which reason you are planning to purchase the property, check the potential resale value and the effective tips to make a good return on the property investment. Remember that you can increase the resale value of the property by checking the location, lot size, upgrading the exterior and interior of the property, accessibility, environment, and security. Apart from that, you should buy the home and lot in the location where the market is flourishing to increase the value.


6. Check the monthly amortization

Apart from the down payment and the reservation fee, it is also important to check the cost of monthly amortization. Prepare an honest financial assessment for ensuring that you are capable of paying the installment for the long term.


7. Check the allocation of the lot

It is important to perform an ocular inspection to check whether the description of the title is accurate. To do this, always choose something that would not offer you any headache. Assess the property with a licensed assessor and surveyor to confirm the bounds and every meter of the property, the operability of every section of the house, and the road right of way. You must not like to invest a substantial amount of money and sign a contract to get a less desirable property.


8. Check the options for financing the property

The next thing you have to consider is the availability of the financing options and don’t forget to compare the interest rates available. But financing your home usually falls under three categories namely bank financing, Home Development Mutual Fund (or also known as PAG-IBIG), or in-house financing. Besides, prepare the necessary documents like employee certificate, payslip, and application for a loan and special power of attorney or SPA.


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