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Crown Asia The Premium Brand of Vista Land Premium Real Estate Developer In The Philippines

2018 Trends in Fashion and Design

January 6, 2018 by Anna Lucas

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In 2018, we welcomed the new year with a bang – without the boom of the firecrackers. As the clock ticked midnight, we all waited and wondered how this Republic Act will affect the New Year’s celebration. It was a wonderful surprise when it was just as fun as any other year. And as we are all enjoying the Media Noche in our home in Valenza, in Sta. Rosa, Laguna, it makes us wonder what else will 2018 bring? We therefore looked at the trends in color, fashion, and design to see what to expect this 2018.



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The color of the year is Ultra Violet (pantone 18-3838). Ultra violet signifies originality, drama and ingenuity. This seems to be the theme for 2018.



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The fashion trend for 2018 is all about Sparkle and Glitters. From glittery boots to glittery tops, it’s all about the extra sass. This is very evident during the latest New York Fashion Week and London Fashion Week where majority of the designers showcased their latest creations with sequined numbers, embellished dresses and twinkling wears.


Other fashion trends include checks, fringes and pvc (yes, plastic). Checks will dominate the business clothes such as blazers, skirts and pants. On the other hand, fringe does not only make its appearance on clothes, but also on shoes, bags, and even jewelry. Chanel did a plastic-themed collection for Spring/Summer 2018. Other designers like Calvin Klein, Fendi and Valentino have also included wearable plastic in their collection.


On the business side, we have seen several malls and retail outlets closing in 2017 such as Macys and JC Penney, especially in the United States and Europe. It is predicted that 2018 fashion sales will not be dominated by North America and Europe, rather there will be an emerging growth in Asia-Pacific and Latin America. Customer are now looking for more value – whether it is personalization, direct-to- designer communication, or even digitization – the regular brick-and- mortar store will have to reinvent itself.



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The trend for designing your Crown Asia Home in Valenza, Sta. Rosa is all about color. Gone are the days of pure white kitchen. More and more colors are injected whether it is the kitchen splash guards or cabinets. Warm color such as mahogany or neutral colors such as grey and black will give the room a fresher and unique feel. For other rooms in the house, rich colors are also the trend this year.


Like the kitchen, warm colors paired with greys or blacks are the preferred designs. Concrete accents are also making the trend this year since it pairs well with rich colors. Finally, floral prints make for a great design. Whether it is a preferred wallpaper, a curtain spread or a sofa design, it is all the fad right now.


2018 is indeed an exciting year both for fashion and design. It seems to encourage the creativity in each one of us.






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