Must-Have Gadgets in Your Santorini Home

by Anna Lucas



 Technology has provided us with conveniences that make our lives so much easier.  There are now tools for almost every task that we need to do.  While there are gadgets that are fun to have, like the smart mirror or the voice-controlled light bulbs, there are those that have become a need rather than a want.  Here is a list of the gadgets you must have in your home in Santorini.


Smart Lock

Smart locks allow you to enter your home via a passcode or your mobile phone.  Installing a smart lock in your home avoids the hassle of getting locked out of your home because you forgot your keys (again!).  It also allows you to conveniently go in and out of your home without worrying about locking the door behind you.

The newer smart lock technology allows you to have a different passcode per family member.  You can even create temporary passcodes for visitors so you can avoid worrying about having your keys duplicated.  Some also have a built-in alarm system that detects potential security threats.

Smart TV

Smart TVs connect your television directly to the Internet giving you a whole new world of entertainment.  You can now play youtube videos, and access online streaming apps like Netflix.  You can even play songs through Spotify.  For most homes nowadays, Smart TV replaces the cable channels giving the home more options for fun and enjoyment.

Multi-function Microwaves

The 56cm x 44cm shelf space your microwave occupies can now do more than just reheat food.  Multi-function Microwaves is a great appliance to have in your home condominium, where space is usually limited.   Depending on the model, you can steam, grill, fry and even bake with just one appliance.  It gives you a whole lot of cooking options for you and your family.


A very simple tool needed in your condominium in Santorini Lakefront is a deodorizer.  Even with big windows and a kitchen hood, the various smells your condo is exposed to sometimes leave a displeasing scent.  A Deodorizer keeps your home smelling clean and fresh every time you go home.

Robot Cleaners

Robot cleaners are a must for condo living.  There is now a wide array of robot cleaners for your needs.   The number one must-have is the robot vacuum.   Newer models now allow you to command your robot vacuum through your mobile phone, allowing you to clean your home even if you are at the office or on a vacation. Other robot cleaners include a robot mop, robot window cleaner, and even a robot pool cleaner.

Wireless CCTV

Without a doubt, wireless CCTV is indeed a need in every home.  CCTVs have evolved now so that you can access it anywhere, move the camera remotely, and even communicated two-way with the people in your home.  There are CCTVs with night vision capacity, movement sensors and even provide alerts for potential security threats.

There are a lot more interesting gadgets that you can include in your Santorini home in Sucat.  You can find a gadget to suit your lifestyle.  And in fact, new technology is introduced each day to make our lives so much simpler.


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