Making Your Kitchen Masterchef Ready

by Anna Lucas

oman cooking pasta in the kitchen

Have you ever drooled over the spacious and beautiful kitchens of those cooking shows?  Have you ever thought to yourself that if you had that kind of kitchen at home, then no doubt you can easily be a masterchef?

With your spacious Crown Asia home in Valenza, you can now have the kitchen of your dreams.  But designing your dream kitchen is not just copying the design that fits your fancy in magazines or the Internet.  There are 5 things you must consider:


What do you like to do in the kitchen?  Do you want to entertain while cooking? Or do you want your kids to watch you preparing food while doing their homework?  How about being left alone and have peace and quiet while concocting your latest masterpiece? These are some considerations that will help you create the initial layout of your kitchen.


The distance between the stove, the refrigerator and the sink should be comfortable.  Do not get carried away with your spacious area that you would place these most used spaces away from each other.  Most designers use the concept of the kitchen triangle among these three points to create the most efficient workspace.


Sufficient lighting in the kitchen is often overlooked.  Areas where you prep, cook and clean food should be well-lighted.  Under-cabinet lighting is often skipped by most home owners, as well as Over-the-sink lighting.  Cutting back on lighting these areas usually results to an expensive mistake, since the homeowners usually re-do the house later on.   


Create a list of the things that needs a space in your kitchen such as the microwave, the blender, the air fryer, the oven toaster, etc. etc. Do not forget the smaller things such as the utensils, the knives, the glasses, the plates, the can opener, and so on.  Now you may group them according to frequency of use. Those you use frequently should be at easy-to-reach storage places, while those that are for special occasions may be hidden in more secure and harder-to-reach areas. There are also several smart storage solutions that provides the wonderful and clutter-free ideas for your kitchen


The materials will be mostly dictated by the design you prefer.  Since the kitchen is one of the most used room in the house, use the highest quality material that your budget will allow.  Cabinetry should be durable since you will be opening and closing its doors several times a day. The counter-top is also recommended to be of high durability since they are prone to scratches.  Walls and splash guards should be not only be pleasing to the eyes but also easy to clean.

Soon, you will have that marvelous kitchen befitting of your beautiful home in Sta. Rosa, Laguna.  Have fun building!


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