How To Make Your Home Baby-Friendly

by Anna Lucas


The excitement of having a baby join your household is indescribable. In nine months or less, the walls of your Ponticelli home will be reverberating with your baby’s giggling and laughter (or cries!). It is now time to get your house ready for this newest addition to your family.


There are lots of products that you can buy to protect your loved one from your own home – such as the outlet covers, the edge guards, oven knob covers and cabinet drawer locks. But aside from baby- proofing your house, you should also make this baby-friendly. This means that your abode is ready to welcome the newest resident. Below are tips on how to make your Ponticelli house baby-friendly.


Lots of storage

Babies accumulate a lot of things. First, there are the baby care stuff like the stroller, the sling, the bumpers, the baby basket, the car seat, and all the rest. Then, there is the endless supply of clothes, shoes and toys. Soon enough, your home will feel like it is housing several babies instead of just one, with all the baby clutter. Therefore, prep your home with lots of storage spaces.

Buy furniture for your nursery that are dual purpose. There are ottomans that are also storages; and
beds that have drawers and storage areas at the bottom. This will save you space and will give your
baby more area to play in.


No carpets

Even if you won’t allow your babies to eat in the nursery, there is still the spilled milk, the overflowing diaper and the spit that you need to worry about. Carpets are a bit hard to clean, and they tend to cultivate bacteria if not cleaned well. Tiles are easier to clean and to sanitize – just wipe it with a clean cloth and spray it with sanitizer and you’re good to go. If you really want a carpet so that your baby has a soft area to crawl around in, consider an area rug which can be easily dumped in the washing machine and then dried out under the sun for some natural disinfection.


Sturdy furniture

You would be surprised at how such an adorable little being can move so fast. Turn your head only for a second and your baby will be climbing the sofa or the side table. Therefore, make sure your furniture is sturdy enough to carry the baby weight. Get a wide sofa, a low coffee table and a wooden dining table. Vie away from furniture with glass, wires or any ornate designs as this may spell a disaster when a baby is around.


Expression wall

As soon as your baby learns the wonders of colors, the walls of your nursery are not safe anymore. But instead of prohibiting your loved one from the learning path, create an expression wall for him. This could vary from putting manila paper on your wall, or using a chalkboard paint. Others even recommend using semi-gloss paint in the nursery for easy cleaning.


Having a baby-friendly home simply means that your adorable angel can enjoy your Crown Asia home as much as you do.

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