Why You Should Start Training for a Triathlon

By: Levi Santiago

Triathlons are one of the hardest sports in the world that you can join. One of the reasons for this is that triathlon is comprised of three parts: running, cycling, and swimming. Moreover, the race itself, for each of its three parts, involves long distances. One may ask why do a triathlon at all if it is so tiring. Another may answer this question by stating that joining a triathlon will change such a mindset, potentially making you one of the fittest people in your house for sale in Cavite.

If you’ve ever heard of famous triathletes like Jan Frodeno, Mark Allen, and David Goggins, then you probably have an idea of how strong, both mentally and physically, triathletes are. Thus, the question stands: Why should you train for a triathlon?

You Will Learn How to Be More Productive

Joining a triathlon requires preparation and consistency from start to the end. Hence, by joining a triathlon, you will be putting yourself in a position wherein you have to manage the limited amount of preparation time you have before the day of the race.

In your preparation, you will continuously learn how to be faster and more efficient than whatever previous personal best you have reached in the three different sports. As your level of fitness increases, you will eventually figure out new strategies to surpass your previous performance. To even finish a triathlon requires significant focus, and improving your focus will translate well into other activities that require effort.

Losing Weight Will Come Naturally in the Process

Doing a triathlon would require you to do three kinds of sports, namely, running, swimming, and cycling, over long distances. Being able to compete in a triathlon in the first place would require you to be physically fit.

However, it is important to note that you should not be joining a triathlon with the mindset that just doing the triathlon itself will make you lose weight. If you join the triathlon without any preparation at all, you are likely to injure yourself.

Before joining a triathlon, if you are aware that you are not in the right shape to join one in the first place, you must first gradually increase your level of fitness as a first step. Once you have built up endurance and fitness, then you can push yourself into a triathlon.

You Get To Try the Awe-Inspiring Sports Gear

Training for the triathlon itself can be awe-inspiring to you when you realize at some point in the journey how much fitter you have made yourself compared to when you first started preparations. However the icing on the cake, in this case, is the triathlon equipment that you will be using on the day of the triathlon itself.

Using your triathlon equipment on the event day, most especially in the case that you put in the hours to prepare, improve, and get stronger, will give you a sense of fulfillment and determination. You get to choose your equipment after all, where a few examples of such include moisture-wicking clothes, wetsuits, bikes, aero helmets, and more.

You Will Improve in Your Main Sport

Preparing for a triathlon requires you to push past your physical and mental limits to the highest levels. Whatever improvements you gain from your preparation for a triathlon, such benefits will carry over to whatever sport you consider to be your main one.

In swimming, for example, you will exert a great amount of effort to maintain good breathing while utilizing your entire body to move yourself across the water’s resistance. In biking, you will develop being ability to exert more strength and power from your legs and over longer distances as well. Endurance and strength in both areas of physical and mental ability is what will transfer over to whatever sport you typically do.

You Will Break Through Mental Barriers

Triathlons are known for lasting an incredible duration of time. Moreover, it is a sport that combines running, cycling, and swimming. All of these aspects are combined together to create a sport that develops great fitness in anyone who decides to join a triathlon and manages to complete it.

With how great the benefits of joining a triathlon are, the difficulty with preparing for one and completing one is just as great. In order to keep improving your performance in runningcycling, and swimming, you will have to break through your perceptions of what you can and can’t do when it comes to your body.

Your Body Builds Better Resistance to Injuries

Training for a triathlon will require you to train your entire body. Because of this, having proper preparation for a triathlon spread out over a period of time will strengthen not just your muscles, but your bones, ligaments, and tendons as well.

Increased fitness will also be evident in how you will be able to control your breathing better, and how you will learn how to push your body through pain in a prolonged period of time. Consistent training will lead to improvements that will let you endure even more pain and gain more endurance. In the long term, your body becomes less susceptible to injuries from consistent exercise. You will notice that relaxing in your house for sale in Cavite will feel even better.

You Learn to Appreciate Challenges

Joining a triathlon is not easy. It is inevitable that during the, you will be placed in a very uncomfortable situation. There will be days wherein you will not feel like training at all.

This is natural when pursuing goals that have great benefits. The difficulty that comes with such a goal will be as great as its benefits. If you continue to push yourself to prepare for a triathlon and manage to complete one through your efforts, you will better realize that putting your focus on a goal, in spite of the difficulty, will let you succeed eventually.

One of the important values of the sport is having the resolve to finish a task to the end. If you’re spending too much time being sedentary and unproductive in your house for sale in Cavite, then perhaps the sport of triathlon will be one of the things that will push you to the limit and past it.

You Learn How to Better Improve on Weaknesses

Triathlons are hard to accomplish. You prepare for a triathlon in order to gain the ability to finish a full triathlon. Given that a triathlon is comprised of running, swimming, and cycling over great distances, a full triathlon is too taxing for the average person.

Therefore, in attaining the ability to accomplish a triathlon, you will have to break through whatever physical and mental limits you have. You learn and develop the capability to push past different kinds of pain, whether it’s joint pain, a tendency to run out of breath quickly, the pain of other people’s judgment, or even the pain of not believing in yourself.

You Are Bound to Inspire Others

The average person cannot just complete a triathlon without any preparation and on a whim. However, any person can finish a triathlon with preparation and the determination to complete one.

Given the difficulty of accomplishing a triathlon, it requires you to spend a significant amount of time to make your body and mind develop more endurance and strength. The process comes with instances where you are at periods where you will feel like quitting.

Accomplishing a triathlon in spite of experiencing such feelings is a great achievement that is worthy of admiration. Perhaps you may even reach greater heights by becoming part of the world triathlon too.

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