Why Ponticelli is the Best Subdivision in Daang Hari

By: Crown Asia
Building Ponticelli Community Near Villar City: A Vision for Sustainable Living

Home is not just a property, but it is a place wherein it gives safety, comfort, identity, and sense of belongingness. Which is why home becomes very significant to every person more specifically when the pandemic has started in which most people have stayed at home because of quarantine protocols. However, in today’s time, things are slowly changing and getting back to normal. People are now accepting visitors again and some have truly missed hosting at their own home by doing things such as entertaining them, preparing meals, planning activities, or even just relaxing with a cup of coffee or tea. With that, people are now preparing their houses for renovating and transforming them into more homey vibes. Other than that, some people are also searching for a new home for a fresh start, new memories, and brand new experiences to create and are soon to happen. However, the real question is where to start? And when is the right time to do it?


Come to think of it, home is such a precious place considering that there are a lot of gatherings occurring inside such as birthdays, family gatherings, and various celebrations. If a person is looking for a place that offers accessibility, prestige, and good location, Ponticelli is definitely the way to go.

Ponticelli is a prime property of Crown Asia along Daang Hari road. It is the premium brand of Vista Land so expect nothing but the finest of living in all its project aside from Ponticelli. To know more about Ponticelli, here are some reasons on why Ponticelli is considered remarkable and deemed to be the best subdivision in Daang Hari:



At the heart of the prosperous city of Bacoor, Ponticelli is dominating both the classic and modern experience to all the people residing by. It administers a premium lifestyle through its house models and themed communities which Crown Asia is known for. Ponticelli is an Italian inspired community that showcases a lavish lifestyle that greatly reflects through the amenities of and the designs of every spacious houses inside the said subdivision.

What makes it more exciting? Ponticelli offers convenience towards the residents because of its prime location and exclusive community. It is definitely hassle-free because Ponticelli is strategically located where the metropolitan lifestyle lies ahead. The community is just a few minutes away going to Alabang and Las Piñas that are both known for bustling city life. Ponticelli greatly offers convenience because prominent malls like EVIA Lifestyle Center and Vista Mall Daang Hari are just around the corner to give a serious advantage to all the people that live nearby the area. Additionally, other important infrastructures are also within reach such as hospitals and universities. Not to mention that public transportation is not something to worry about because residents have easy access to it. As what have mentioned, Ponticelli is the way to go and this is just the end of the first reason why it is considered the best subdivision in Daang Hari.


Ponticelli Master Plan Photo

The community being created inside Ponticelli is unquestionably beautiful knowing that there is a union of prestige, accessibility, and prime location. In Ponticelli, everything a person wants is being offered on the table without having a hard time explaining and proving it why. Its offerings of house and lot for sale in Bacoor Cavite greatly showcases great potential not just with the designs and layouts but also in terms of investment. Ponticelli is known for creating beautiful memorable intimate soirees that only proves that the best subdivision in Daang Hari encompasses elegance that is naturally given by it.

The name “Ponticelli” is from the Italian word “ponti” meaning bridge and “celli” meaning skies. The community offers the best of both worlds by experiencing an urbanite and luxurious lifestyle together in their preferred house model. The residents can easily enjoy various activities like jogging, swimming, playing sports, and other forms of entertainment because Ponticelli is wonderfully established with spacious amenities and facilities like scenic jogging trails, swimming pool, garden, and basketball court that are given to the people residing there. Ponticelli has an approximately 18-hectare Italian-inspired community wherein house and lot for sale in Bacoor Cavite are still available for those who want to experience it all.



People often say  that “a home is where the heart is”, and it is completely true. Home must be a place where people can have an assurance that they are living in a safe area but other than that, people also want a comfortable place to stay. During the pandemic, some people had no other option but to work from home and because of that, some people encountered a difficult time making adjustments because the place where they used to rest was also a place where they experienced stress. With that, people should make sure to create boundaries and respective spaces where to do work and where to chill out. Luckily, the house and lot for sale in Bacoor Cavite more specifically in Ponticelli offers spacious properties that are decent enough to make every member of the family experience a comfortable living.


The residents of Ponticelli can also find comfort through the luxurious facilities that are mainly used to relax and spend time with their loved ones. Choosing Ponticelli is totally one of the best decisions a person could ever make, because a sophisticated home and relaxing community are easily achievable. Despite all the bombarded schedules and unending meetings, at the end of the day, everyone wants to relax and find comfort without having a difficult time looking for it everywhere, because what makes Ponticelli more special is that residents can now find comfort in their own home.

Now that Coronavirus is still out there and the global pandemic still exists, home is definitely the perfect and safest place to be regardless of what the person does– work, school, errands, and the list goes on. With that remark, people should invest in the best subdivision in Daang Hari which is no other than Ponticelli, a subdivision where people can live lavishly and enjoy the best of the bests. Ponticelli has available house and lot for sale in Bacoor Cavite that offers and prioritizes safety, convenience, and comfort in which everyone should highly consider when looking for a property. With all the things being discussed, there is no doubt that Ponticelli is indeed a proud premium development of Crown Asia.

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