Why is it Important to Find the Most Credible Real Estate Agent for your Investments?

By: Crown Asia
Why is it Important to Find the Most Credible Real Estate Agent for your Investments

Whether one is buying a house and lot for sale or selling commercial real estate, it can be daunting and stressful affair when done alone. This is particularly true if one does not possess any prior background in real estate investing and lack the knowledge necessary for understanding its intricacies.

This is where the right real estate agent or real estate brokers come into play, who are licensed professionals that know their way around the business of dealing properties. Finding an agent to represent oneself is crucial for ensuring that the process of investing on real estate is done smoothly and efficiently. It is also important to remember however, to be careful and selective when it comes to hiring a real estate agent to avoid any potential problems.

Here are three reasons as to why finding a credible real estate agent is essential for one’s real estate investments.

Falling For Unlicensed Real Estate Agents Can Lead To Being Scammed on Your Real Estate Transaction


When looking for a real estate agent, knowing a trustworthy place to look for them is a primary priority. A common issue prevalent in recent history however is the prevalence of unlicensed real estate agents masquerading as legitimate professionals on popular social media platforms.

According to the Philippine News Agency, Facebook has been the home of many ‘colorum’ real estate agents, with them dominating the Marketplace section of the website. The Philippine Association of Real Estate Boards Inc. (PAREB) has estimated that at least 90% of agents plying their trade in Facebook do not have a real estate license, making it unwise for anyone planning to hire a real estate agent to search in the aforementioned social media platform. To avoid falling prey to this trap on your local real estate market, it is recommended to instead rely on finding highly respected real estate brokers for your real estate transactions who can recommend legally valid agents that can suit one’s needs.

In an era where misinformation and scamming are common place online, one should be careful when hiring real estate agents for investing and should practice doing proper research into potential agents they can trust.

A Legitimate Licensed Real Estate Agent or Real Estate Broker Knows What’s Best


Once one gets a hold of a potential real estate agent, checking their credentials is another thing to consider for making sure that they are dependable. This can be done through looking through their resume, past transactions, or even through word of mouth from a satisfied client.

A skilled real estate professional should have contacts that can allow them to sell the properties of their client at their best price or buy the real estate they desire within the optimal budget range and type. The broker of the said agent can also play a role in their work by providing resources that they would need to better attain what is best for their client’s interest. Real estate investors should look into the brokerages available in their area to find experts that can do the selling or buying of properties at their behest.

Stingy investors may balk at the commission rates of some real estate agents, but as long as they can get the best results for their client, then the cost would be worth it.

Without the Aid of Credible Real Estate Agents, Investing can Become a Pain


For some, the reasons as to why they would refuse to employ real estate agents in the first place are either to avoid paying commission fees or simply due to mistrust brought upon by firsthand or secondhand accounts. On the other hand, buying or selling property can become a nightmare to the unprepared without the direct intervention of an agent.

With the absence of a credible real estate agent, investors may end up being unable to sell their property due to failing to advertise it to relevant buyers. Purchasing real estate may also become difficult, especially if they cannot properly negotiate with sellers due to lacking any training in skillful bargaining. The act of dealing with real estate can also be taxing on a physical and emotional level and could even impact a person’s wellbeing due to stress and other health issues.


Hiring a competent real estate agent can not only make one’s prospect in investing on real estate profitable, but it would allow for a stress-free experience for the client.

In conclusion, finding a credible real estate agent can do wonders for any real estate investor planning to take their role seriously. One must first be aware of the potential risk of ‘colorum’ real estate agents in the market and how to avoid them. Finding a reliable real estate agent can also ensure that one’s investments are either sold or bought at the most optimal level. Lastly, the presence of a reliable real estate agent can allow for one to avoid the hassle of having to deal with the challenges associated with property dealings.

When considering looking into buying a house and lot for sale, the advice of a real estate agent can go a long way into finding the perfect home for oneself. For anyone looking to invest on a house and lot for sale in Southern Luzon, real estate agents can suggest Crown Asia’s Carmel in Bacoor.


Located conveniently in the heart of Bacoor next to the Emilio Aguinaldo Highway, Carmel provides a private respite for those who want to separate themselves from the hustle and bustle of the city while still only being minutes away from to its amenities. Homeowners looking to do some shopping are in luck due to the proximity of Carmel to SM City Bacoor, being only a seven-minute walk away. There are also several nearby hospitals such as the St. Michael Medical Center and the St. Dominic Hospital to give a few examples. For families wishing to move into Carmel, the subdivision’s closeness to a major highway makes it easy for the children to attend school and for the parents to go to their jobs, which is a plus to their quality of life. With a Northern Californian aesthetic, providing comfort for its present and future homeowners is Carmel’s number one priority.

To those looking for a new home in Bacoor for their family, why not consider Crown Asia’s Carmel?

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