Why Having a Smart Ready Condominium Is the New Norm?

By: Kyle Santos

The first thing that comes to mind when you hear the phrase “smart home condominium” is what? Convenience? Security? These are just two of the major advantages that you might gain if you choose to buy a condo that is equipped for smart homes as your second residence.

Technology has advanced to the point where it has altered the way people live and take care of their homes. You surely recall the days when all you had in high school was a flip phone, and you used to boast about it to your classmates. Then came flat-screen phones and intelligent televisions that you can enjoy in your condo in Laguna.

Nowadays young professionals are looking for property developers that offer smart condominiums in key cities in Metro Manila like Taguig, Makati, and Mandaluyong City.

More and more people today are looking to buy a home with smart home technologies to secure the comfort and safety of their families. But what exactly does it mean to live in a smart home mixed-use building?

The Advantages of Owning a Condominium Unit That Is Ready for a Smart Home Are Listed Below:

1. You can use mobile phone access to control your lights as well as other appliances.

One of the main reasons people invest in it is for this reason, particularly business people who spend most of their time working outside and who want to have a really pleasant sleep at night. You can turn on all of the lights at once with just a tap of your finger, saving you from having to search around the house for the remote control or walk outside to put on the air conditioning.

2. At home, you can take full advantage of seamless interior design.

How many times have you stumbled over wiring on the floor or caught your toes in an open cabinet? That won’t be an issue if you reside in a condo with a smart home, especially if you have a family with boisterous kids.

Like when you reside in a premium condo in Laguna apartment at Valenza Mansions in Sta. Rosa Laguna and enjoy the accessibility it provides to the city while maintaining a healthy amount of greeneries surrounding the area, a smart home condo also features soft close-motion cabinets and fiber optic backbone wiring.

3. You can reduce your electricity bill.

Renters, especially environmentally concerned millennials, are becoming more and more attracted to condos that contain energy-saving technology. Solar panels, green roofs with organic gardens, water tanks to collect and recycle rainwater, and a gray water system that uses the water from sinks and showers for irrigation are all ways that condominium buildings can become more environmentally friendly.

Access to your lights and appliances not only makes life more convenient but also encourages energy conservation. LED lights and solar-powered lights are some of the goods utilized in smart homes because they are more environmentally friendly and have a longer operating life.

Let’s just say you fall into the category of a person who occasionally rushes out the door for work and forgets to switch off the air conditioning. It’s not a problem because you can easily switch it off when in the busy street traffic with your phone. You may invest the money you save on electricity bills in something else, such as a higher-end condominium apartment, to generate passive income.

4. When compared to that average village home, your safety is guaranteed.

Indeed, since you’ll be residing in a condominium, your safety is always guaranteed. There is no need to be concerned about the building because it will have hundreds of CCTV cameras and security personnel is always present in the central command center.

You have complete access to all incoming visitors within your unit thanks to the intercom system run by the front desk receptionist. Nobody is allowed to approach your apartment without first calling for permission. Radiofrequency identification cards (RFID) will be used to operate the basement parking, so only condo owners with parking spaces can enter.

The use of smart door locks has also grown. Airbnb hosts who began utilizing smart locks to save the burden of finding time to hand over keys to renters played a part in boosting interest in them. A keypad and a number combination are used by a smart door lock to unlock the door. If you have a smart lock installed in your condo and you rent it out, you won’t need to change the locks whenever a tenant moves out. When a new tenant moves in, simply update the keypad code.

5. Smart home living

A smart home is, to put it simply, a house that employs a system of gadgets to automate operations you would typically carry out manually. This technology more explicitly refers to a group of gadgets that are linked to a single network. From your smartphone or a portable touchscreen device, you can remotely control these devices.

For instance, a common system connects your appliances, door locks, speakers, and lights, allowing you to operate them all from your phone. Although there aren’t many smart homes in the Philippines yet, forward-thinking developers are already constructing smart condos in Manila with automation as a primary design objective.

You might want to consider purchasing a smart condo as technology development continues to advance. If the idea of utilizing high-tech capabilities isn’t enough to convince you to purchase a smart apartment, take into account the following benefits.

Purchasing a condo entails investing in a complex of multiple units that are governed by a board or homeowner’s association. An intranet or central website can be used for requests for maintenance, updates, and communication.

6. Over time, the value of your property will rise.

Your home has cutting-edge technology, so reselling it to eager investors would net you a great profit. Any real estate property up for sale will gain value from this home enhancement, increasing its price. You will eventually run with people looking to buy a home who most likely have a modern, safe condo like yours.

This is why choosing to live in a smart home condo is a wise move. It’s not only about being convenient; it’s also about securing the safety of your house and any potential future offspring.

With the rise of value appreciation here in Valenza Mansions in Sta. Rosa Laguna, with the building structures, schools/universities, lifestyle malls, and road networks, a condo in Laguna by Valenza Mansions is your next step to the Italian lifestyle you’ve always been longing for.

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