Why Choose Cavite as your Family’s New Home

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Why Choose Cavite as your Familys New Home

Preparing for a meaningful and exciting future for your family is an efficient approach to ensuring your security, quality time, stability, resiliency, and necessities. Along with securing your family’s future, it is also crucial to choose your dream home for your family with prudence.

Indeed, there is a lot to consider when selecting a home to start a new chapter of life for the whole family. But keep in mind as well that location always comes first. A well-rounded place encourages the family to join in activities and interests shared by others, giving them more opportunities to interact and experience more meaningful perspectives on life.

Here are some of the reasons why you should select the province of Cavite not only Cavite City, as the location for your new family’s home:


A province with a Fascinating History


Living in one of the Philippines’ historical locales is genuinely prestigious; Cavite is one of these places. It is indeed, known as the Historical Capital of the country. It is an awe-inspiring province where our country’s history comes to life. It is also a province that is rich in traditional cultures and historical heritage, as well as the birthplace of our valiant national heroes. Getting the opportunity to build your new house and lot in Cavite allows your family to discover and adopt the values and norms of a pure Filipino.

Some notable historical sites in Cavite are the Emilio Aguinaldo shrine, and the old houses in different cities that saw how our countrymen fought the Spanish rule years ago.

Economic Growth


The economic growth of Cavite has been continuously increasing over the past years greatly boosted by different economic zones in the area. Its prominent growth is very evident in the agricultural and aquaculture sectors of the province. The province’s terrain and slope diversity (lowland, lowland, central hilly, and upland mountainous) are one of its most notable features for agriculture. Coastal and alluvial plains, on the other hand, characterize Imus, south General Trias, and areas of Bacoor, Carmona, Kawit, Rosario, Noveleta, and Tanza, allowing these cities and municipalities to provide more jobs and produce aquatic commodities for the families.

Constant Development of Infrastructures


Aside from the province’s notable growth in the agriculture and aquaculture industries making it one of the fastest growing provinces in the country, residential and commercial properties are also contributing to the province’s development. As a result, the province of Cavite has been effective in attracting and retaining investors seeking a dynamic way to invest their funds in the hopes of seeing it increase over time. Investors will assuredly construct infrastructures that will serve the family in terms of leisure, safety, entertainment, commerce, and employment.

Some well known road networks and infrastructure in the province is the Metro Manila Cavite Expressway and Cavite Laguna Expressway.

Along with ongoing infrastructure developments, Cavite’s growth includes road development and widening. One of the biggest ongoing road projects in Cavite is the Cavite-Laguna Expressway, also known as CALAX. This road sector links the growing industrial and commercial centers in the Southern Tagalog Region, Cavite, and Laguna. The starting point of the expressway will begin from Kawit and end at the SLEX-Mamplasan Interchange in Biñan, Laguna. Likewise, this would also aid the travel access of surrounding cities and municipalities in Cavite and Laguna.


In addition, the government has plans and projects that encompass Cavite. According to the government’s development plan, particularly the “Build, Build, Build” project, the city of Bacoor in Cavite is also included in the LRT-1 Extension to Bacoor, Cavite, from Baclaran, which is set to begin operations in December of last year. It will drastically cut travel time from south to north or north to south.

Accessibility and Convenience

Consider that Metro Manila, the country’s leading financial hub, significant business institutions, and lifestyle hotspots, is now only a few minutes away from the province of Cavite. Cavite is a province located northeast of Metro Manila that is suitable for getting away from the capital’s hustle and bustle. The Coastal Road and the developed metropolis of Las Piñas are the fastest ways between Cavite and Manila. As a result, Cavite is well-suited to families seeking a place to stay and would likely want a serene and peaceful atmosphere of rental unit condominiums or house and lot in Cavite, merely to be living outside and nearby the hectic place of the National Capital Region.


Cavite also offers a lot of capacity for schools and universities, making it the most convenient place to get a quality education for families living in Cavite. Schools like De La Salle in Dasma is one prominent education institution in the province. Moreover, proximity to health facilities, restaurants, fitness centers, transportation hubs, and entertainment is one of the distinctive features that Cavite has to offer for every family. The province was also regarded as a sustainable real estate market due to its perfect location and other geographical characteristics. Property developers, such as Crown Asia, recognize the possibility for people and families by providing them with house and lot for sale in Cavite that will cater to their education, retirement, leisure, and comfort.

The Best Place to Spend the Weekend Getaway

Cavite is not only a historical site, but also a popular tourist destination, with beautiful beaches, resorts, hotels and resorts, and a variety of other attractions. When people hear the name Tagaytay, the first thing that springs to mind is its tourist attractions and pleasant atmosphere, which keeps them returning. Tagaytay has, in fact, become a popular destination for city inhabitants seeking recreation and relaxation. Taal Volcano, one of the Philippines’ most active volcanoes and is a must visit place, is an excellent photographic subject and can also be seen from the Tagaytay City Ridge. Sky Ranch, an amusement park, is also available to children and adults who wish to enjoy thrilling rides, making Tagaytay the most often visited and out-of-town city in the province of Cavite.


There are also beaches in Cavite that allow anyone to completely rest in the calm and refreshing wind of the sea. The Ternate beach is frequently visited by families and individuals who much-needed break from the hustle and bustle of their hectic schedule. It is a fantastic place to spend your summer vacation, with relatively low costs for utilities, food, and cottages. Aside from going for a swim and spending time in the sun, there are several outdoor activities that an individual or a family may engage in. Go out and put your trekking talents to the test by climbing the iconic Mt. Pico de Loro in Cavite, which provides some stunning vistas if you can make it to the summit.

More than the factors above, its also good to look at a property company that has a solid track record for delivering homes not only in the Cavite area but also nearby places like Laguna. Property developer like Crown Asia Properties is a go to choice, with its thematic homes and community with beautiful amenities like a swimming pool, basketball court, tennis court and many more!

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