Why Bullet Journaling is Perfect for Work-At-Home Professionals

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Get your life together — on a page. A journal can be more than just a monthly calendar or a daily log!

Developed by Ryder Caroll, the Bullet Journal is a method that can be used to keep you focused on your tasks simply by organizing everything that crosses your mind into a single archive: no searching or syncing required. The ultimate goal of the bullet journal is to encourage productivity. It starts off quite simply – with a blank notebook. The first few pages are dedicated to a legend where you can define how each event, task or thought is labeled. From there, an index of pages helps you keep track of where in your journal each section is located.


Keeping tabs on your tasks specially those who have a lot of things at hand is important and is an essential thing  to do. You can manage your time and resources well when you have a proper list of all the things that you need to do and when you need to do it.

If you are a work-at-home professional staying in your condo in Taguig, you know that you have a unique working arrangement, one that requires you to always be aware of your time. However, regular planners or calendar apps are often too structured for the unpredictability of your lives. If you are struggling with time and task management, the Bullet Journal method could be just what the doctor ordered.

Need more convincing? Here are 5 reasons why bullet journals and the whole bullet journal system is perfect for work-at-home professionals:

1. A bullet journal is a flexible tool.

Bullet journaling is perfect for work-at-home professionals because the structure is customizable. You determine what your bullet journal will be used for, from a planner to a to-do list to even a diary. If, as a work-at-home professional in your upscale condo in Taguig, you are trying to stay on a budget, then you can even add a budget or expenses tracker into your bullet journal. If a tracking method is not working for you, then you can switch it up in the middle. Again, there are no rules unless you make them!


It is flexible enough to be whatever you deemed it to be! You can even add things like sticky notes, photos and personalize it in design if you want to.

2. Bullet journaling can get you organized.

Mental notes, even if documented on a scrap of paper or on your notes application on your phone, can easily be misplaced. In the same way, if you have almost completed a task or assignment, you might run the risk of never going back to complete what you started. With the index pages of the bullet journal, your thoughts can easily be traced to exactly where you left them, and you can create a code in your legend for those unfinished tasks that you have already started on.


It’s the best and most creative way to be organized. It will help you not only in arranging the tasks at hand but also serves as a reminder for the unfinished tasks and being ready for future tasks that will come your way when working in your condo in Taguig. So bullet journaling not only serves as an organizer but a reminder also!

3. You can explore your creativity.

Because you are working out of a blank notebook, you can design it any way you please. If you are all about functionality, then you can settle for straightforward black ink on white paper. But if you have the desire to be more creative, then you can create themes for each of your monthly, weekly and daily spreads. Go wild!


As mentioned above bullet journaling is the most creative way to be organized! Because there are no rules in doing a bullet journal, you can go crazy with colored pens, colored papers and even the way you write, may it be cursive or in all caps, you can decide!

4. It reminds you to dream big and serves as a future log.

It is easy to get caught up in the everyday to-do lists, especially when you are always cramming deadlines. But long-term goal pages in your bullet journal leaves space for you to list down anything you may want for yourself, and maybe even include a list of detailed tasks that you will do to work towards your dreams.


A bullet journal can serve as a blueprint and a guide to your dreams. It can serve as a vision board for what you want to achieve outside of the tasks that you are doing in your work from home set up in your condo in Taguig, you can dedicate a page in your bullet journal for your dream destinations, things you want to buy or even artists you want to meet!

5. The journal gives you the perfect opportunity to reflect.

With all of your thoughts for the days, weeks and monthly log compiled all into one place, it makes it easier for you to look back because of the bullet points on what you were like in the past and how much you have grown. There are very few things that are more satisfying than flipping through the completed pages of your bullet journal and reading through your achievements.


Every once in a while, you can sit back and review your progress, it helps you feel good in what you have achieved in a week, month or even years’ time! It will be your reminder that you have come a long way and that you are inching towards your goals and dreams in life while seeing your tasks in your daily job being done and submitted, making your self feel good and satisfied is good for your mental health as well!

If these reasons have piqued your curiosity, you should now start a bullet journal! It could very well be just the thing you need to declutter your mind and center yourself. Especially as work-at-home professionals in your condo in Taguig, it’s only when our work and personal lives are centered and balanced that we can truly begin to pursue the beautiful life that everyone deserves. So go on and grab a pen and blank notebook and create your own bullet journal now!

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