When Is the Right Time to Buy a House and Lot?

By: Rose Mary Madrigal
right time

“Is it a good time to invest in property?” The right time for buying a house and lot can be difficult to determine especially among first time real estate investors. Some real estate agents would argue a downturn in the market is the best to jump. But inflation, supply and demand, and other economic factors can affect one’s decision to buy now. Regardless, there are still a few factors that can determine if one is readily enough to jump into the real estate industry.

“Should I buy a real estate now?”

More opportunities

No matter how the market is leaning now, investing in real estate can help start one’s building equity. Investing now can also avoid potential mortgage rate increases later on. There are also numerous market opportunities now in real estate as what agents refer to as “market value”.

Economic factors

Investing in the real estate market is a great area during recession times. Increased population can support rental rates thus, property values. These economic factors will likely perform better because of cash flow and appreciation. When there is an economic recession, second homes or having invested in real estate can be marked as a rental for investors to remain occupied and profitable.

While it may seem all business at first, real estate investing will help stage good opportunities during these troubling times and be a great vacation spot for investors in the future.

Supply and demand

Buying real estate now means considering the supply and demand. Housing demand is when the population of a certain area grows due to a natural increase in occupancy and migration. Housing supply is a safe and functional house located in the area. To increase supply, one should add new housing or lower the demand for homes by making existing homes available.

Why should you buy into real estate?

According to the National Association of Realtors, the market is much more typical right now, bouncing back and forth when it comes to its interest rates, low inventory, and job gains due to an environment of push-pull housing demand. Because of this, inventory can be low but the prices are quite high, but these situations won’t remain forever. There are positive signs that now is the right time to buy or invest in real estate.

Questions to consider before buying

Do you have a good credit score

The first thing to consider when buying a house is checking one’s credit score. Borrowing money for purchasing a home requires getting the best deals on mortgages that only come with having a good credit score. In fact, the median score for most mortgage borrowers last 2023 showed high scores of 770. Those that are low-risk borrowers with a history of on-time payments, will surely be in line for the lowest mortgage rates.

Do you have enough for down payment?

Another sign that this is the “right time” to buy a house is that homeowners are paying their bills on time and having a sizable chunk for down payment. The more that upfront payment is made, the less homeowners will borrow and so will be the interest rate. It’s also important to note, that one should have plenty for left overs too; lenders would like cash reserves just in case something unexpected happens.

How long will you be staying at your home?

Before buying a new house and lot, it’s important to consider the duration of how long the investors will be staying at their new residence. Owning a house comes with additional expenses post-purchase. So before buying, consider the use of the property. Will it be used for renting purposes? Or will this be your permanent address? The investor should commit to longer stays or make sure to have enough financial stability if the property will be for renting or just a holdout.

Selling a property right away can cause significant tax implications and it is crucial to know that real estate investments take a long time when it comes to liquidation.

Should you wait to buy your house?

Don’t wait for the market to be low

As real estate investors, investing when the market is at the bottom would possibly result to missing out more such as five years of appreciation. That is why it’s important to be informed or to know when is the best time to invest or buy real estate which is now. The opportunity for availing the house may not be the same cost in the future. Of course, its value will take a few years to rise. So if finding the right time to buy a house, it’s now.

An asset during inflation

When inflation increases, so does property values, and homeowners seeking to rent their property can expect the amount they charge for rent. During these times, landlords can earn higher rental income while keeping pace with inflation. Because of this real estate income can be a hedge for an investment portfolio against inflation.

Once you’re sure enough:

Have ample reserve

Once the right time for buying a house is established, it’s important to prioritize any major investments like real estate. One way to do this is by ensuring that there are enough reserves to support any deals. Having enough can ensure that any impact or fluctuations in the market are minimized since they are often unpredictable. Taking these precautionary measures can help safeguard real estate buyers or investors and increase their chances of success in the future.

Secure the right debt

As mentioned earlier, the right time to invest in real estate is now, not when the market value is low. It’s important to note that buying into real estate has a risk of rising interest rates so real estate investors need to know which measures are needed to protect your investments. Investors or buyers should research the funding options that best suit their needs, income, credit score, and others such as fixed-rate debt or interest-rate caps.

Final thoughts

Nobody can exactly predict the market or the right time for investing. While it’s safe to invest now and wait for the property to rise in value, it’s evident that the right time for buying a house and lot depends on the buyer or investor themselves. Even with the fluctuations in the market, investors should have enough reserves to handle additional costs after buying a new house and lot.

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