What You Need to Consider When Buying an Outdoor Grill

By: Marie Claire Lagrisola
What You Need to Consider When Buying an Outdoor Grill

If there is one fun thing that has a twist of yumminess involved that you and your family could bond over during this summer of 2022, it is definitely outdoor grilling. We all have seen this activity that gives off simple but nevertheless enjoyable true bonding vibes at our favorite movies, sitcoms, and TV series. If you have not taken part in this yummy homemade venture, why not? You must try this activity that is known to always be tied to good times. If it is indeed your first time, fret not for we got you covered! Here are the essentials to have a great family bonding over grilling yummy food right outside of your Crown Asia house and lot for sale!

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Let us start with the small things: the right tools you need

Warm-up by making sure you have all of the following up at the ready for some grilling! Here are the basic tools you need to ensure you’ll get the right foundations for your outdoor cooking experience:

1. Tongs

And you better make sure they are sturdy! With its ideal length, this tool will ensure that you do not get burned or sweat enough from the heat of the grill, all the while making sure that you still have the utmost control in doing the job.

2. Spatula

To have that Crabby Patty experience you see at one of our favorite childhood cartoons, purchase a spatula too to flip your meat with ease.

3. Metal skewers

Sure, you can serve the meat you have worked so hard to grill into perfection to your loved ones using your tong or your spatula. But let us ask you, are you willing to take the risk? Ah, the pain and anguish to see your beloved steak roll down to the grass as it slipped from the tools that are not used to pass meat around. This is why we need metal skewers! This tool does the trick when it comes to serving meat to the plates of your salivating spouse and children!

4. Grill

What is a grilling experience with the (literal) grill? This is the creme of the crop to your outdoor grilling venture. The trick, however, is choosing which grill to use. But again, do not sweat it out because we got it covered for you again! Do not expect anything less from the curators of your beloved house and lot for sale.

Here are the different factors that you must consider in comparing the different types of grills you can choose from which are wood pellet grills, charcoal grills, liquid propane grills, and gas grills:


A quick grill buying guide and some things to consider

Flavor. Yes, the type of grill has an impact on this important and delicate detail

Expect the taste of wood when it comes to your pellet grill because it uses a technique where wood is involved! Although, you can also use this technique when it comes to your charcoal grilling. Actually, if you mix both wood and charcoal, your grill will most likely get a stronger wood flavor, which is indeed what you would want for this experience.

A charcoal grill on the other hand provides a smoky flavor to whatever is cooking in it. If you’re fond of those barbecues found on the sides of the streets or that wonderful whopper at Burger King, then a charcoal grill is made for you.

As for liquid propane grills, you will certainly not need to expect this smoky wood flavor since of course, makes use of liquid propane. Gas grills use natural gas on the other hand. If you dislike the strong scent and flavor of wood and charcoal, then the gas grill will be your bestie!


Ease of use

Especially during your first time, this factor needs the utmost consideration.

Experts say that the pellet grill is the easiest to learn and use. Say you opt for Weber’s classic black pellet grill SmokeFire (which would be a great combination with your premium Crown Asia house and lot for sale, if you would ask us), all you need to do is to keep adding pellets to your grill to keep the fire burning. Additionally, in adding pellets, the flames flicker at a faster pace, thus making the temperature of your grill rise immediately.

On the contrary, a little more work is needed when dealing with charcoals.

Charcoal grills burn, you guessed it, charcoal. You need to light your charcoal using lighter fluid or your, for example, Char-Boil’s Kettleman TRU‑Infrared (fancy name, right? A perfect artifact for your Crown Asia house and lot for sale). It usually takes 20-30 minutes for the charcoal to be ready for some cooking. And, of course, you need to wait or put more effort to make the temperature desirable. With some practice, you can easily learn how to grill at temps of 500 °F and slow smoke at 250 °F by controlling airflow and opening/closing vents. Yes, it may be tedious but isn’t the challenge that makes the experience fun? The grill grates of the charcoal grills also matter as upgrading to a better one can improve your grilling experience.

The size of the grill also matters as buying a bigger grill would take longer to reach optimal temperature. Smaller grills have higher cooking temperatures due to their size. However, you would only have a smaller cooking surface. This equals the con of having a bigger grill.


Run time

Your family, yourself included could not wait for the feast you are about to prepare! Plus, you most certainly prepare that the yums keep on coming! This would not be possible if the grilling keeps on dying down. So the run time of cooking is a very important factor to look into.

With the pellet grill, you will be able to cook for over 8 hours without the hassle of adding more pellets. If ever you need more pellets, you can merely open the lid of the hopper and add pellets to it.

Meanwhile, the charcoal grill can withstand its fire for 12 hours and more. Get this, you will be able to get the job done even with single charcoal! It would indeed produce low smoke but this will nevertheless be effective especially when you are grilling fast and hot.

Lastly, a gas grill will unfortunately require an extra pair of hands. But this is a good thing if you and your spouse want to pair up on this quest! A disposable 14 or 16-ounce propane tank will last about 1.5 to 2 hours. But if you have a 20 lb propane tank, then no worries! Your grill will expectedly last 18-20 hours. If ever you ran out of gas, however, this is where your partner gets involved: to get the new tank and fill the grill up!

With our suggested classic and reliable brands (Weber and Char-Boil) and with these advices, you will rest assured to have a great time during your first quest to feed your family with supreme food: good grilled meat made out of love.

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