What to Expect When You Need to Come To Your Kid’s School

By: Arvie Midel
parental involvement in education

These days, school serves as a child’s first introduction to a wide range of subjects beyond simple memorization. Among the many skills a school can impart are the ability to multitask, foster the development of hobbies and interests, learn basic manners, and cultivate social skills. But every now and then, parental involvement in education will always be observed from the very beginning of their child’s education up until their children leads to college. Because of this, condo in Las Piñas is an ideal choice to check if parents are on the hunt for a location to reside close to schools along with other important infrastructures. School is a very essential factor to every student’s success and the journey becomes more precious and remarkable when parental involvement is there all throughout.

Parent engagement helps more than only improve academic performance. Students express greater motivation and self-esteem when parents are involved and work alongside the school. Important social and emotional learning abilities that students acquire include self-awareness, forming relationships, and making responsible decisions. When programs are coordinated across many settings, such as family and school, children acquire these skills. To know more about parental involvement in education, here are some factors and expectations to remember:

How Does Parental Involvement Affect Students’ Academic Performance?

Parental involvement is a critical success factor that surpasses almost all other factors, including socioeconomic status, student background, and type of school attended, in accordance with research conducted over many years. Research indicates that a significant difference may be made in the way schools foster positive relationships with families and vice versa.

Students whose parents continue to be active in the educational institution exhibit better behavior and attendance, better grades, better social skills, and better school adaptation. The development of a lifelong love of learning, which is said to be essential for long-term success, is also more securely facilitated by parental involvement. Parents can get involved in their children’s education by speaking with teachers or offering assistance with events and activities.

In addition, they can participate in a variety of activities at home, such as talking with their kids about values and attitudes toward education and helping them manage their homework and other responsibilities. Moreover, parent engagement can also be shown by means of choosing a place to stay in which the parents and the children can both benefit from such as choosing Condo in Las Piñas which is perfectly situated to visit different areas without difficulties since everything is already accessible.

The Goal of Parent Involvement

There are many associated benefits when parents are being involved in their child’s education and what others don’t know is that a simple act of gesture can bring a lot of difference. Showing support in school is one of the goals of parent involvement and this may sound odd to other people but by simply showing up during special occasions and presentations in school means a lot to a child. Parents in school is such a normal thing to see especially when it is a family day or a parents conference.

As a parent, it is significant to know that school is more than just attaining high grades and attending everyday classes but the school is a huge tool for every student who aims to be a successful person in the future. With that, all the learning and values that will be learned in school transcends at home or vice versa. But, the primary goal of parental engagement goes far beyond providing financial support for their kids’ educations, since parents could show their love and support by being physically and emotionally present for their kids every step of their academic careers.

What are Some Benefits of Applying the Concept of Parental Involvement into Practice?

It Benefits Student’s Success

Children who have involved families in their education are more likely to graduate from high school and college with distinctions, achieve higher test scores, develop self-confidence and motivation in the classroom, and exhibit excellent classroom behavior and interpersonal abilities. Researchers examined longitudinal data on math achievement in one study and discovered a correlation between higher percentages of students who performed at or above proficiency on standardized math achievement tests and the efficacy of encouraging families to support their children’s math learning at home.

It Benefits Teachers and School Staff

Teachers and other school staff benefit from parent involvement as well since it enhances the classroom environment and culture. Teachers can better prepare by getting to know their students, and feeling supported by their parents makes them feel more capable of pushing them to learn more and taking academic risks. Students will also learn how to properly treat other school personnels when they are asking for some assistance.

What Does Successful Parental Involvement Look Like?

Experts advise parents to be as present in school as possible and to take an interest in their children’s academic work. But how can parents safely say that they are effectively engaged with their children’s school and other important stuff?

Parents actively participate in decisions that impact their children and families, and community resources are employed to support student learning, families, and schools. Aside from that, parent engagement doesn’t end in school but it also shows outside school facilities. It also involves sharing the broader attitudes and values that surround schooling as well as the aspirations, expectations, and goals that parents have for their kids. When these principles are communicated, young people are inspired to persevere when faced with difficult learning tasks.

Other than that, be updated with what is about to happen in school. Parents often get together at schools to talk about school-related matters. To collaborate with other families to enhance the school, join the Parent Teacher Association or Parent Teacher Organization. Some parents who are unable to attend in person might request to participate online in the sessions or to have the notes sent to their house via email.

End Note

Participating in school activities is a wonderful way to get to know the faculty and staff, meet other local families, and support the development of the school community to better serve the needs of the students. Effective school-community partnerships require patience, openness, confidence, and dedication. Above all, parents want their children to know that they are invested in their education. Even if volunteering is out according to the schedule, parents can still support their academic endeavors at home but to easily go to school, parents can choose to live in condo in Las Piñas which is near to different schools and other important infrastructures such as hospitals, shopping malls, and transportation hubs.

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