What is the Year End Boom?

By: Blanche Lagrisola
What is the Year End Boom

If ever you have been looking for a property for sale but have not come across an ideal deal all year round, perhaps you will get luckier this last 2 months of the year as the year draws to a close and the holiday season approaches because it is almost a fact that during the last quarter of every year, businesses are booming with goods and more quality products. And yes, good deals and sales. Such business phenomenon is already proved by yearly reports from Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) surveys regarding the sentiments of businesses and the expectations of customers. Let us talk more about why you should ready your wallets to purchase the property for sale, bag, gadgets, books, and even airplane tickets you have been eyeing for months.

In the latest survey round conducted during the second quarter, the Business Expectations Survey cast its net wide, covering 1,549 firms selected at random from the list of the Top 7,000 Corporations based on total assets in 2016, sourced from the Bureau van Dijk database. The data collection period extended from July 5 to August 15, with a 65 percent response rate. Just imagine how great the numbers look currently look like especially now that a handful of holidays are just around the corner, like Halloween and Christmas.

In the Philippines, holidays are well-loved

In the Philippines, holidays are well-loved

In our country, Filipinos are always looking for reasons to celebrate. This is why when actual celebrations come around, our crowd gives their all – they splurge, party to the roof, and are overall in a great mood and more. This is why businesses reflect such optimism by giving their customers the best of deals. The quarterly survey conducted by BSP shows us that businesses in the Philippines are gearing up for even more sweet successes this fourth quarter. The business outlook index for the next quarter, specifically the fourth quarter of 2023, soared to an astounding 53.8 percent, a great feat as to compare to the second quarter’s 46.4 as seen by the previous studies.

Aside from getting good deals of your eyed property for sale, if ever you are a business owner, things will definitely look good for you this upcoming months.

The confidence index, a crucial metric computed as the percentage of respondents with affirmative views minus those with negative perspectives on various indicators, indicates a brighter outlook among businesses. And, indeed, businesses take this surveys seriously, after all, year after year, these surveys serve to be true. This interesting fact of the Philippine real estate boom, and people and businesses thriving by the end of each year, can be caused by a handful of these key factors.

Philippine real estate boom in businesses

Philippine real estate boom in businesses

High demand from people.

During holidays, people tend to spend. The demand for more is already a trend during Ber months. For example, this Halloween, it is understandable for people to go a few more rounds into a store and buy unpractical clothing (such as a Frankenstein mask). This December, even your most frugal relative is spending lots of money on gifts and gift wrapping paper to give their nieces and nephews (including your children) on Christmas. Indeed, whenever annual holidays come up, expect for shopping malls and stores to be constantly filled. With this, comes the generosity of the business industry.

Improved condition of the Philippine economy and the easy of inflation

Though it can still use more improvement, according to our statistics, our economy is definitely doing better during its state during the COVID-19 pandemic. To mention more recent incidents, gone are the days when the price of our red peppers and onions cost almost a meal. With the resolved issues, we had before, some financial problems of individuals are getting stable again. Since people are now back on track with their finances, the economy will definitely run smoothly and boom this end of the year.

Businesses offering a lot of new stuff

Even Apple has released yet another new iPhone. Other business proponents are also offering something new to the table as well. For example, Crown Asia, a premiere real estate and neighborhood curator of our country, always has something new to offer. From world-class condominiums of different themes to cozy but classic property for sale in South Luzon, this top real estate in the market is not to be underestimated.

The resounding sentiment among businesses can be summarized in one word: opportunity. The potential for growth, increased revenue, and the promise of new ventures have ignited a spirit of optimism as we approach the final quarter of the year specially in real estate investing.

Why people love the end of the year

Philippine real estate boom in businesses

But what else make people happy during the end of the year? What is this interesting global phenomenon where people get optimistic during the time when even our weather gets colder. As the final months of the year approach, a peculiar phenomenon takes hold of people worldwide. Is it a result of collective consciousness, or are there deeper psychological and social factors at play? Aside from the already discussed phenomenon of Filipinos loving to part and celebrate, let us further explore this intriguing human experience.

According to studies of psychology, when people know or can feel that something is about to end, they tend to get reflective. They look back at the past year, taking stock of achievements and milestones, and sometimes even failures. This process of self-reflection can be a source of happiness, as it provides an opportunity to appreciate personal growth and progress. After all, it is already a given that a new year comes around right after the previous one ends. Even when 2023 may have passed by so fast, we are always comforted with hope with the certainty that we will immediately receive 2024 in an instant. And with every new year, comes people’s urge to change. Indeed, having mere resolutions can make people switch into a better mood. This act of setting goals and intentions for the future can be invigorating and empowering. The belief in one’s ability to make positive changes and the fresh start that comes with a new year can contribute to increased happiness.

To wrap it up, this immediate surge of energy of businesses and individuals can be attributed by how people tend to forget how time can fly by so fast. As another year is coming to a close, every one, may it be from the academe, offices, real estate, or even children, are up and about to finally do the things they have been wanting to do all year round. It is time to tick off many things in our list, exploring the real estate we may want to gift ourselves and our families, driving off to the different exquisite provinces of our country, or maybe going to more dates with your spouse! Let this be a lesson for all of us that we must make every moment count. We must be mindful of our time and our actions. Life is too short to not fully live it. We still have less than four months left so let us make the most out of it, friends!

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