What Is Tai Chi Exercise?

By: Hadj Cabonegro
tai chi exercise

Tai Chi is a popular Chinese martial art that is practiced worldwide and is renowned for its many beneficial effects for the body and mind. Tai Chi may be practiced anywhere, from public areas like parks to private locations such as in a newly purchased lot for sale in Cavite.

Start of Tai Chi

The origins of the Tai Chi can be traced back to China’s history, with many potential theories going into detail over who exactly invented Tai Chi and when. Fantastical accounts that are more rooted in Taoist and Confucianism mysticism state that it was the legendary Taoist Monk Zhang Sanfeng who created Tai Chi during the 12th century, although this is a theory that has been heavily scrutinized due to its lack of concrete historical evidence. Another more likely point of origin for the roots of the Tai Chi is connected to the 16th century Ming dynasty officer, Chen Wangting, who devised the movements and fundamental form of Tai Chi during his retirement in Chen Village, Henan. Over time, there have been many derivatives in Tai Chi, with new styles that are distinct from the original, having been devised from the ground up with their own philosophies and characteristics.

Tai Chi, deeply rooted in Chinese martial arts, is renowned for its myriad benefits for both the body and mind. Its gentle, flowing movements make it a versatile practice suitable for people of all ages and physical abilities. The origins of the Tai Chi are subject to various theories, ranging from the legendary Taoist Monk Zhang Sanfeng in the 12th century to the Ming dynasty officer Chen Wangting in the 16th century. The evolution of the Tai Chi has led to the development of numerous styles, each with its own philosophies and characteristics.

Aside from this brief historical explanation of what Tai Chi is, below are a few more details further describing it for those who wish to learn more on the said topic.

Tai Chi is a Martial Art That Can be Practiced and Enjoyed by Everybody

Due to the low-impact and easy-to-follow nature of the movements of Tai Chi, it doesn’t take that much effort to get your body in motion following Tai Chi, making it especially accessible to people from all walks of life. Whether you’re young, old, or with a disability, it is possible to learn the movements of Tai Chi and incorporate it in your daily routine.

The versatile nature of Tai Chi means that practitioners can choose whether or not to follow a specific Tai Chi exercise in their own routine. If you’re having difficult getting a particular part of your body in motion due to certain medical reasons, you may choose to partake in a Tai Chi class that’s adjusted according to your body’s state. You may even consult an expert in Tai Chi regarding the best form of Tai Chi for you to practice, which can help in furthering making Tai Chi more doable and fun for you. There are also many programs out there that are tailored to older adults and children in mind, and with the help of the Internet, finding the class that is perfect for you should be an effortless task.

Given that Tai Chi is not an intense activity to begin with, attempting a session if you have the time should be possible for anyone so long as they shown an interest in this ancient art.

The Physical and Mental Benefits of Tai Chi are Numerous and Life-Changing

There have been many studies done to investigate the perks of Tai Chi throughout the years, with all of them concluding that it is capable of providing a multitude of advantages for frequent practitioners of Tai Chi. It has been found that Tai Chi as a daily exercise can improve both your body and mind, boons that prove to be tantalizing for those who are looking for inexpensive ways on how to maintain their long-term health.

In terms of its physical benefits, Tai Chi can help with your cardiovascular fitness, strength, flexibility, and balance. Tai Chi can help warm up parts of your body such as the back and joints, reducing potential cases of cramps and discomforts that you can get from frequent inactivity or as you enter your golden years. As for the mental benefits of Tai Chi, it has been found that Tai Chi may be able to reduce negative issues such as stress, anxiety, and depression due to its meditative and calming movements, something that can be particularly helpful if you have problems that you get from everyday challenges such as work.

The meditative and deliberate nature of Tai Chi sets it apart from other forms of exercise, making it an excellent choice for those seeking a low-impact and accessible physical activity. The art’s adaptability extends to its application in specialized classes, catering to diverse needs such as those of older adults or individuals with specific medical conditions. The versatility of Tai Chi is evident in the variety of styles that have emerged over the years, each with its unique philosophies and characteristics. As Tai Chi continues to gain popularity worldwide, its inclusive nature ensures that everyone can reap the benefits of this ancient practice, contributing to both physical and mental well-being.

With the number of ways on how Tai Chi can improve your overall health, it wouldn’t hurt to consider giving it a try in the comfort of your own home.

Incorporating Tai Chi Exercise Into a Daily Routine is Both Easy and Inexpensive

Compared to the other forms of martial arts that would require the allotment of a significant amount of your time and funds to practice them, this is one of the more easier physical hobbies to get into and it doesn’t take that long to do, even for those new to Tai Chi. Oftentimes, you do not even need to enter into a Tai Chi class to get an understanding of the basics.

While a standard Tai Chi exercise session may often last between 20 minutes to an hour, it is possible to further shorten its duration to not only make it fit your schedule, but to also reap its benefits. For example, you can have your own quick Tai Chi routine every morning for a total of 10 minutes at most, which can provide you the necessary warm-up motions to be able to take on the day. While it is also nice to learn Tai Chi through classes, it is also possible to get a grasp of its basics through the many online resources that can be found on the Internet for free.

Despite it being possible to learn Tai Chi on your own, it would still help to attend a Tai Chi class to see how it is truly done with the help of a master, where you might learn a couple of important tips that can improve your future Tai Chi experiences.


Tai Chi is an ancient Chinese art with a rich heritage and tons of positive influences. Tai Chi is an accessible hobby that everyone can try out, it can improve the body, the mind in many ways through constant practice, and it is also inexpensive and quick to do everyday.

The practice of Tai Chi extends beyond traditional martial arts, as its low-impact and accessible nature makes it inclusive for everyone. Whether young, old, or facing physical challenges, individuals can adapt Tai Chi to their unique needs. With tailored classes and online resources, practitioners can customize their experience, ensuring that Tai Chi remains a feasible and enjoyable part of their routine. The physical and mental benefits of Tai Chi, including improvements in cardiovascular fitness, strength, flexibility, balance, and stress reduction, make Tai Chi an attractive option for those seeking holistic well-being.

Incorporating Tai Chi into a daily routine is not only easy but also cost-effective compared to other martial arts. Sessions can be adjusted to fit various schedules, with shorter routines providing essential warm-up motions for the day ahead. While self-learning through online resources is an option, attending classes with a master’s guidance can enhance a Tai Chi experience. Ultimately, Tai Chi stands as a timeless practice that promotes overall health and wellness, inviting individuals to explore its enriching benefits in the comfort of their homes or within community spaces where residents can enjoy exclusive amenities, including spaces for activities like Tai Chi.

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